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23-07-12, 19:31
Booked in to hospital for both on the same day in a couple of weeks. I'm terrified. Both on the procedure and what they may find. I had blood tests taken and low iron was identified and out of the blue I'm referred for this.

I'm trying to reason with myself why its necessary.

Last November I was in agony with chest pain. I was first told it was a trapped muscle and given ibruprofen. This made it worse and i was then given an injection for pluracy. Didn't help. Was then given ranitidine which eased the pain and it dispersed after a few days.

I felt terrible so went back a week later. I felt drained, sick, dizzy etc. Blood tests revealed low iron so was put on iron tablets for 3 months. As i hate needles I stupidly never went back and the tablets ran out. Few months later i was feeling pants again so went back and had more blood tests. Again unsurprisingly I had low iron. I thought maybe more iron tabs with a repeat test in another 3 months, but no, referred to hospital for these tests.

I do suffer from occasional wind and indigestion, but I have done for years. My stomach can be very noisy especially in bed at night but to be honest my diet it appauling so its no wonder.

Now I have to try get through the next couple of weeks worrying about this and try to stop thinking they are going to find cancer.

26-07-12, 09:31
Hi liviguy

I have had iron level symptoms to you & i take iron tablets from time to time. It sounds as though your diet may not help with this, as my gp says 'we are what we eat'. Your problems probably dont have anything to do with cancer or i'm sure your gp would have told you.

Please dont worry about the colonoscopy, I had one 3 wks ago & as long as you follow the pre procedure instructions you will be fine. Have you been offered sedation? It's well worth having, I didnt know anything about the procedure at all.

Best wishes

26-07-12, 15:37
Hi Annette,

Thanks for your reply. I spoke with my doctor on the phone and he explained exactly why he referred me and it is to check for anything which may be preventing my body from absorbing iron such as an ulcer. He put my mind at rest that they are not checking for cancer.

I have had the pack through the door containing the lovely laxative powders along with the procedure I will follow. (Looks like I'll be camping out in the bathroom and have an arse like the Japanese flag afterwards)

Yes, there is mention that I will be sedated which although keeps me happy that it will make the procedure easier to deal with, I am already having issues with the thing they put in your hand to administer the sedative.

God I am such a wimp lol