View Full Version : just starting after years of just getting bye

30-07-12, 22:11
been a while since i have been on here and have tried a few different things over the years but never stuck to them . have been getting bye on diaz and zapain 30 mg for about 2 years . zapain has been for back pain , docs been happy to keep me on these and i have been lucky for them to keep giving me diaz . been on 48 5mg diaz for last 2 years but now no i cannot keep just taking them . docs have been trying for a long time to get me on something else . so have just started 30 mg duloxetine today . this time i have to give them a real go so will see how i get on . they have given me 2 weeks supply to see how it goes . suppose i am lucky that i have the diaz to help me along , so will see how it goes just hope it does not effect my job , thats the one thing that keeps me going . sorry i get 48 5mg diaz a month so hopefully i will b able to get off them one day . will just see how it goes ,