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31-07-12, 11:41
My GP has given me a prescription for 2mg Diazepam to take on an as-needed basis, but one of the things guaranteed to make me panic is not being able to drive back home, so I'm concerned about taking them at any time in case they make me drowsy so I can't drive (had this with propranalol, so they swiftly went in the bin...). Can anyone tell me if this is the case, please?

Also, I've been anti-medication for a long time (have only ever taken that one propranalol tablet) but am starting to feel that I need something to help me through a few difficult events I have coming up, so I'm also interested to know if 2mg Diazepam can just be an 'as and when' thing without turning into a permanent thing.

31-07-12, 12:17
Hi, I have use 2mg diaz on an as & when for about 6 years. 2mg is a very low dose, shouldn't make you drowsy, just a little more relaxed. I was on 12mg a day at my worst and still able to function, drive etc. am down to 8mg daily now. I'm sure it will help you through your difficult times. I understand how you feel as I am very anti meds too but diaz has been a lifesaver for me. Good luck. Kitti :)

31-07-12, 13:13
I wish it did cause drowsiness in me. I just want sleep and oblivion

31-07-12, 13:46

It's just as Kittikat says: 2mg is a very low does (the lowest available and in fact the lowest that is actually going to be any use). It does make you feel more relaxed and able to cope with everyday problems. The effect takes about 15 minutes to appear when I take one, and lasts about 24 hours.
It does not seem to cause drowsiness as such at that dose, though at bedtime I am much more relaxed so I get to sleep quickly.
At this dose, and taken occasionally when needed, you should not become dependent on it - it is not likely to become the permanent thing which you are worried about.

Diazepam, used occasionally, has been the only drug that really helps me. It works very well.

All the best


31-07-12, 14:12
its like any meb's they work diffent in each person. i would say dnt drive the first time you take it u dnt want to hurt yourself or others intill u feel u can.

31-07-12, 14:41
No drowsiness at all when I take it Elle-kay, and I have taken up to 10mg in one go but find 2-5mg works well for anxiety.

As for the 'as and when' thing, I can also only speak personally. Yes I only take them when really needed like a stressful social situation where I may not be able to face it and enjoy the event. Also took them at the height of my anxiety when starting Citalopram.

Since my anxiety has diminished to OK levels I find I do not need Diazepam but still have a few in my wallet for 'emergencies'!

I have quite an addictive personality but didn't find low dose Diazepam a problem to stop, it's not like it gave me a buzz or anything, just dealt nicely with reducing anxiety, which does feel great however and allowed me to enjoy situations.

I suppose feeling normal like this could be kind of addictive but hey, this is how we should damn well feel without the need for drugs and it's not fair we should have to go through life feeling like we do. In my opinion if a person can take Benzo's 'as and when' then great. But so what if a person gets a little dependant on them as long as the are still doing their primary job of easing anxiety?

Say nothing else worked in relieving anxiety bar Diazepam, I would choose using it and risk dependency on it over unrelenting anxiety every time. However modern medical guidelines dictate for me long term daily ingestion of another drug-Citalopram, is required in treating my Anxiety and not Diazepam. They both do a grand job however and both have their place so I can't knock long term treatment with either drug as long as they work.

Would love to hear peoples experiences who have taken it long term for anxiety to see if my thinking is misguided?

Sorry rambling again, to the OP, 2mg now and then should not lead to any problems.


31-07-12, 14:51
im with you on that southey

31-07-12, 14:57
Thanks for the responses guys. I've been and had the prescription filled just now, and put the tablets in my handbag for 'as and when'. I have a meeting on Friday which I'm not looking forward to (meeting ex-employer to discuss a grievance I've raised over treatment after I made them aware of my anxiety), so I may take the first one then to see if it helps, as I don't have to drive there myself anyway. Fingers crossed I get the same relaxation you guys have described, and the ability to enjoy things (well, except the meeting lol).

31-07-12, 15:49
A great post by southey and couldn't agree more.

As stated previously, I have used diaz as& when for around 6 years now. Since last November I was put on 12mg daily at the peak of my demise with anx/panic/agoraphobia and as I said a lifesaver for me. Unfortunately I couldn't deal with the SE's of citalopram. So just to say with 8 months of daily use, I have never felt dependency nor tolerance, they have allowed me to function and slowly increase my comfort zone and decrease my anxiety with the help of ongoing CBT. Over the past 3 months I have slowly reduced from 12 to 8mg. I am stable at 8mg daily just now, and plan to reduce again in about 3 weeks time. Eventually, I guess I will just become an as & when user again.

Ellie-Kay, I completley understand where you are coming from with the work issue, I have been through something very similar myself recently too. Make sure you are well prepared with any documentary evidence and take an advocate along to support you and take notes etc. It will be tough on the day, but you will get through it and I wish you the best of luck. :hugs: Kitti x

31-07-12, 23:25
I take it in either 2 or 5mg, it calms me down, and makes me more relaxed. You should be fine at 2mg.

31-07-12, 23:38
I have 5mg Diazapam tabs they do not make me feel tired just more relaxed,have not needed to take them recently though,2mg really is the lowest dose they do and will not do that much apart from take the edge off anxiety and make you feel a little more relaxed not tired, i have no problems taking them and would certainly do so again if i needed to.

All the best


01-08-12, 10:02
Ellie-Kay, I completley understand where you are coming from with the work issue, I have been through something very similar myself recently too. Make sure you are well prepared with any documentary evidence and take an advocate along to support you and take notes etc. It will be tough on the day, but you will get through it and I wish you the best of luck. :hugs: Kitti x

Thanks Kitti, I really appreciate that :) It's been a while since I last revisited everything, so tomorrow I'll get all my paperwork together and make some notes so I respond in the way I want to to certain things. I think the meeting will either go one of two ways, and if it goes one way in particular (I've been advised already that certain things they may bring up are utterly irrelevant) I want to be prepared to stand up for myself and say I'm having none of it! Thankfully I am being accompanied, so will have some support :)

Thanks also to everyone who has replied. I forgot to mention that I'm also working through the CBT4Panic course at the moment, so I'm hoping that the tablets will just make it a smidge easier to get results from that, and I'm actually getting quite excited now about being able to move on from this episode and at least get back to where I was this time last year (when I was able to travel 60 miles from my home for work without panic), so that I can go on holiday and actually enjoy myself :)