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21-07-06, 23:40
Hi guys! This is the first time i have written on the social anxiety forum; i gave an introductory hello earlier - as i have social anxiety/phobia, i would like to hear peoples stories and share experiences in relation to SP.

Social Anxiety has always been a problem for me; only recently, i went to a group therapy course (which i found really helpful) - has anyone else been to group therapy? At the moment i am going through a cognitive therapy course (finding it very helpful).

Sorry for digressing but, it does feel quite refreshing to be able to talk and express my situation to people in a similar condition - it is almost a novelty as i cannot express it to anyone that i know.

Good to hear from people who want to share their experiences.

Take care and hope all is well out there!


22-07-06, 01:57
Hi Gary,
you sound like you're doing really well in your steps towards getting some control over your anxieties so well done but you've just taken the biggest step by joining this fabulous forum!!
I know what you mean about it being almost a novelty - freedom to vent all your thoughts/fears etc after bottling it up for so many years.
It's like suddenly finding a pressure release valve.
Well done again but sorry there's nothing constructive I can add re therapies!!


22-07-06, 10:10
Hi Gary,

Glad to hear group therapy helped you and the CBT is going well, I found CBT helped me a lot with my anxiety.

Feel free to pm me anytime

Take care

Trac xx

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