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11-08-12, 19:34
Hi - wonder if anyone could help me - on Venlafaxine 225mg XL and lorazepam 2mg daily - my psychiatrist wants to add a small dose of Olanzapine to the mix and for me to cut down on lorazepam usage.

I have a long history of anxiety (GAD) but want to know if you can take this small amount of Olanzapine for life - say? As I do not want to start it and have to come off it as I know my anxiety would only come back - suffered 27 years with this.

I am seeing him in about 10 days but just wanted other info about it before I decide - of course I will mention this when I see him and I could ask my GP but just wondered what others thought.

Thanks in advance

Laura x

12-08-12, 19:36
yes olanzapine can be used as a mood stabilizer long term and also for anxiety. I take it for both reasons. If you google it you will see that lots of people say it makes them gain weight but I haven't had a problem with that. I hope you find it helps you, did your dr tell you to take it at night? If so you should sleep soundly. All the best

12-08-12, 19:46
Hi Rooby - thank you for your reply - I think the weight gain saga is to do with quite high doses. This would be 2.5 or 5mg. Yes it is for the above reasons. My friend on here is on it 5mg but has not gained weight. I would be happy if it would enable me to cut down on lorazepam - not stop it as tbh I am physically and psycologically addicted to them as when well was only taking 0.5mg (lowest dose of them).

Thanks for your help

Laura x

28-12-12, 05:02
Some times drs like to add a antipsychotic to a anti depressant to increase the effects of it some times it helps people.