View Full Version : Paroxetine+Cipralex+Diazepam+Quetiapine

15-08-12, 23:04
Hello everyone.

Just wondering what people think of this prescription, personally I think it's dangerous and surely wouldn't do a persons liver any good.
My friend, who lives in Spain takes 20mg of Paroxetine, 20mg of Cipralex, 30mg Diazepam and 300mg Quetiapine per day! She also takes other things like co-codamol, diclofenac and a bowel tablet.
I am on 20mg of Cipralex and 300mg of Quetiapine and that does me fine, I am doing really well on it. To be honest I think if I took all of the above in one day I would be asleep for a week, although it doesn't seem to effect her like that, but that could be because she is just used it now.
I had to take her to A&E the other day because she self harmed and the doctors there were astounded on the amount of anti-depressants/psychotics she is prescribed, they said no doctor in their right mind in England would prescribe that much...So why do it in Spain?
She flew back to Spain today and I am really worried about her, mainly because of all her medication, I'm worried about what they could be doing to her and do not understand the Spanish doctors reasoning on this.