View Full Version : Important question about Quetiapine

26-08-12, 10:36
Hi everyone.

Just wondering if any of you that are on Quetiapine have had any of these side effects. About 30 minutes after I have taken it I get a stuffy nose, like I have a cold. My heart races and pounds and I get the shakes. I'm only linking the heart thing to the quetiapine cos it happens at night when I take my 300mg tablet. Do you think my dose is too high? I have only been on it just over a month and it has helped me a lot, I would rather not have to come off it. Anyone experienced this before?

31-08-12, 21:49
hi i didn't get the stuffy nose but did get the racing heart and shakey feeling. it would happen about half an hour after taking it but lasted for a good while. i was only on a small dose twice a day but it was really causing my heart to beat so fast I ended up having to come off it. I am on zyprexa now with no side effects, all the best to you

31-08-12, 22:07
Thanks for that Rooby. I'm glad you have found something that is helpful to you.

01-09-12, 09:56

I take quetiapine, only 100mg at night, for anxiety, it's helped me so much.

I haven't had the side effects you experienced though, I get restless legs about half an hour after taking it and often have a kind of weird electric feeling all over as though something was about to happen to my body but doesn't.

I have these amazing patterns and special effects that I can see when I wake up, like an incredible trip, they are pretty good stuff!

I so glad they have helped you too.