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27-07-06, 13:36
Hi All
I have just got married and now want to come off of 20mg per day seroxat as i want to start a family.

I have been on the tablets for 7 years this year and now feel they do not really help anymore. I originally got them when having panic attacks at Uni and have stayed on them ever since, too scared to come off. Now i want a baby and do not want to harm my child if i stay on them.

Can anyone tell me how long it might take me to come off them properly and controlled and also how long it stays in your system for once off..

jodie x

27-07-06, 14:13
Hi Jodie,

Have you discussed this with your GP? I think they would be best placed to advise.

Take Care,



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04-08-06, 13:06
hi jodie,

if you feel you are ready to come off then i would suggest coming off SLOWLY first and it may take a while to become pg anyway...

I got pg whilst tapering down from efexor.. my GP told me to stop but i'm finding it hard i have to say with the withdrawals.. I'm only in my early pg so would like to come off but I totally believe its better for you to be healthy and in a good frame of mind while pg, whether that means taking the pills or not!

good luck,

Lisa xxx

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07-08-06, 14:20
thanks for your comments guys.

well last week i went to my gp and she has started a reduction programme using the seroxat liquid. I am now on 16mg instead of 20mg and am ok!! will try and be off by xmas.

Will probably need loads more supprt in the upcoming weeks.

jodie xx