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01-09-12, 01:21
hi... well as we say here in OZ, Bugga... i went to cardiologist yesterday for review and for the 1st time ever there has been a change on my ecg. it shows i have thickening of the heart muscle... so, will be having echo, 24hr bp and 24 hr holter moniter in mid september... last ecg was normal back 10 months ago... feel apprehensive but surprisingly not especially panicky... thank god!!! just wanted to know if any others have experienced this type of issue and what the treatment/outcome was... hope you are travelling well...

01-09-12, 01:32

I am not sure how an ECG shows thickening of the heart muscle - did they tell you this?

01-09-12, 01:54
yes... as the electrical conductions are slightly more delayed the thicker the muscle mass is...more technical than that but thats the simple version!!!

01-09-12, 02:12
Did the doctor say what causes thickening of the muscle?
It's good youll be having an Eco soon :)

01-09-12, 16:16
Ahhh ok you learn something new every day

01-09-12, 20:36
Really sorry to hear this. Hopefully it is nothing to worry about. Was it a 12 lead ECG machine? Apparently those are more accurate than the usual. It might be that the echo will reveal there is nothing serious,

I have had many heart tests for the last 10 years, all came back fine, however last weeks cardio appointment scared the out of me. My ECG was abnormal as well and they moved me to a different ECG machine (much bigger than the ones I've seen before) to retake a trace of the heart. This came back abnormal again. The utter panic I felt in those moments and after...it is something I have never experienced before. I felt as if I was in a room with no windows or doors and someone was pointing a gun at me.
Well done for not panicking, if it was something important they would have done the echo straight away.

Wish you all the best :hugs: