View Full Version : starting cymbalta today

01-09-12, 11:42
hi there everyone been currentley on mirtazapine and propranlol for months well been on mirtazapine since christmas but i dont think it does anything accept make you sleep ive tried all diff doses like 30mg and 45mg doesent make much diff i sleep but im still really depressed as fck so today started cymbalta whilst slowly tapering of mirtazapine and got valium if side affects get to rough like ..will update everyone how it goes over next few dayz like wish me lck lol cant be no worse than i am already am i guess lol time will tell but like i say mirtazapine is great for sleep but fck knows what else ..:-( so finally thought today is the day to start the change was suppose to do it few weeks ago but was little scared ...but had enough now ..god bless