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27-07-06, 23:22
Hi, i am writing to ask if anyone feels that we can make a full recovery from Social Phobia ; i think i am making good progress and feel that through willpower i am on the right track - is this false optimism?

Bye for now, Gary.

28-07-06, 19:50
Hi Hiddenman!

Nah, its not false optimism. I totally agree with you! I feel I'm at that stage in my recovery where I know I still have work to do, but I also am aware of just how far I have come and the struggle I went through to get to this stage!

I am desperate to continue growing more confident and I see no reason why we can't overcome this. I am aware however, that its to be expected that we will experience slight setbacks, but I no longer dread these so much, because I know deep down, we can handle them.

I hope you continue to improve lots and keep up the positive thinking...its the best medicine.

21-07-08, 21:02
well i dont think anything is impossible and its gud to keep going, but i dont think u shud think about recovery too much. u shud practise accepting the way u are more than anything.
And i also think its finding the way to get better ,if u dont know how to deal wit it then its goin to be very difficult to get better so i think finding a way to become anxiety free is what we should be looking for and not taking our anxiety to seriously

21-07-08, 23:08
wise words johnno,i think i fully agree with what you said..

22-07-08, 00:25
I think a lot of social phobia is based on performance anxiety - that is they think people are maybe scrutinising them. If you just be yourself, then people just accept you for who you are.