View Full Version : Trazodone start up

02-09-12, 15:30
I've been on 100mg of Trazodone for 3 weeks this coming Wednesday and don't know if I am having heightened anxiety and feeling really depressed and weepy because of it or because I am also weaning off Mirtazapine and going through withdrawel.
I have usually always taken Citalopram but it causes me to have terrible panic attacks for ages before I settle on it. I just wondered what everyone elses experiences of Trazodone were. Can it make you more anxious to begin with like Ssri ad's? Whenever I ask my doctors they just say OH NO but they said that about Citalopram and I started up on that on 3 occasions an dhad the panic attacks every single time!
I've looked on the net and most people seem to take Trazodone for a sleeping aid not an AD/anti anxiety drug these days.

03-09-12, 11:57
I've just spoken to a doctor today who says ALL Ad's cause an increase in anxiety and the depression side to the illness to get worse before better in the first few weeks. I wish I'd gone on Citalopram now as at least I know that def works for me as I've taken it 3 times in the past and always got better by this point, where as trying to escape start up S/E's I'm still at square one ):

05-09-12, 10:47
I'm quitting Trazodone cold turkey but have only been on it 19 days so I'm hoping I will be ok and I have diazepam in the house and I've upped my Mirtazapine again! I really wanted to be AD free but whther it was the start up of the Trazodone or withdrawal from the Mirt causing me to be so so ill this weekend, I just aren't ready to face feeling so bad especially when my litlte boy is finding it hard going back to school, he was only there 5 weeks before the summer hols as we've moved in with my parents who live a 100 miles away from Cleethorpes where my litlte boy has been raised all his life.

11-09-12, 14:17
I'm OFF the Trazodone and feeling much better but still on Mirtazapine unfortunatley, my mood is good now I'm back on 30mg's of it but I still wake up with my usual anxiety so really do want off this meds too, the doctors want to put me on Sertraline but last time I tried it I had a panic attack wihtin 2 days. I wonder if I turned back time and just stuck with Lorazepam until I got out of my marriage whther I would have been ok now. ie.did I even need an AD as I just seem to have been 50 times worse on them??????

06-10-12, 10:24
I just thought I'd mention that I now beleive it wasn't the start p of Trazodone that made me feel bad, it was coming off Mirtazapine. I finally came off it this week (slowly over a few eeks ) but it's been hell to get off. I really wish I'd given Traz longer now.

24-10-12, 15:47
Well back on Trazodone at a 50mg start up dose but getting a fair bit of heightened anxiety during the day, sleeping much better though now and most of my other side effects wore off pretty quickly like feeling a bit sick and indegestion. Has any one else suffered with the hieghtened anxiety and though I know we are all different, how long on average did it last? I am guessing you get side effects each time you increase your dose too! Still it's still a fairly easy ad to start up on compared to ssri's and snri's and I'm not on Diazepam now to help.