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09-09-12, 22:06
hi guys.
Iv been on 50mg of Trazodone now for 2 weeks and find my mouth is soooo dry at night i can hardly breath . it also gets stuck together with a thick sticky feeling. my toung is very dry and saw.
in the day not as bad.
ant help please on this .

09-09-12, 22:13

I've never been on this medication but I think most of these meds are similar with similar side effects and one of the most common ones is a dry mouth. You have only been on this for 2 weeks so I would say this side effect is normal and would try to bare with it because it will definitely pass.


09-09-12, 22:18
Hi there. Thanks for your reply. Thats reasuring

blue moon
09-09-12, 22:45
Hello Greg:DIt is quite common to have dry mouth on meds,I use to have some lozenges when on my meds but now ok,hope it goes away soon.
Petra x

09-09-12, 22:51
I have not long started Venlafaxine and I have a really dry mouth which is one of the most annoying side effects. I have tried sucking sweets and drinking sips of water but it doesn't really help. I'm told it will probably go as the side effects subside...I sure hope so!! But I do know how you feel...sorry I don't have an answer. Kitti :)

10-09-12, 18:18
It seems to be at night its 80% worse . Daytime not so bad. Its the waking in the night and feeling like someine has sprayed dry air in my mouth. Bone dry and hard to breath

10-09-12, 18:25
I am taking different meds to you but they also gave me a dry mouth when I first started taking them. It isn't a problem now though.

12-09-12, 13:10
thanks guys for your advice

06-10-12, 10:20
I took Trazodone for 3 weeks and always found nights worst too, plus I was on Mirtazapine at the same time trying to cross taper. I wish I'd stayed on Traz now for longer as it had so few SE's compared to Venlafaxine which I've just been swapped to. I don't think I gave Trazodone chance and paniced when I started feeling poorly but now believe I was going through Mirtazapine Wd as I needed to get off that anyhow as it wasn't working at all for me and it's been hell to get off.

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PS>Greg do you mind me asking if you are on Traz for depresison or anxiety?

06-10-12, 11:34
I have the same problem with Trazodone Greg. I keep a bottle of water at the side of my bed.

07-10-12, 22:07
well its been a couple of months nearly now and my mouth is bone dry in the night,so bad....plus im not feeling ANY better since iv been on them. only sleeping better but havnt felt and mood change in any way at all....how long dp these things take to work....im on 50 mg

07-10-12, 22:15
Dry mouth is a common side effect of alot of meds..

08-10-12, 09:59
god dam drugs... most nights i sleep from 11pm till around 5-6am which is great...But some other nights , like last night , if i wake my mouth is so dry its saw. then i struggle to fall back to sleep ... so if i wake at 1am for a toilet,,, Thats it for my sleep that night as I just cant drift back off to sleep again..So the problem gets worse as every night I start to worrie about waking as i know i wont fall back ....So i start a bad loop of negetive thinking every night.

08-10-12, 10:15
I have the same prob Greg, I've not slept right for months and I have panic attacks when I don't have sleeping pills. So much for Trazodone and Mirtazapine being Ad's that have a sedative built in them hey ):

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50mg's isn't even a theraputic dose Greg btw, I was only on Traz for a couple of weeks but started at 100mg's and that wasn't the dose you was supposed to get better on either.

08-10-12, 10:41
Hi Greg

150mg is the starting dose for this medication for depression and it's 75mg for anxiety. Maybe you should speak to your Doctor about a dosage increase

08-10-12, 12:59
im going back to my docs this week to talk about upping my meds... the funny thing is guys when i was on sleeping pills , not only did i have a good night sleep I felt happy all day almost like they kept me slightly siddated through my day making me relaxed...It there any sleeping pills that are safe long tearm use because my mum and dad have been on sleeping pills for years and keep telling me to ask for some perminant..??

20-10-12, 12:04
Was you on Zopiclone Greg? I am on Zop as well as Trazodone because my sleep is so poor. Zop doesn't really make me sleep long but it certainly keeps me calm, I'm dreading ever coming off them whilst I've still got anxiety but hopefully as I up the Traz I won't need them any way. I've been on Zopiclone about 5 months now and just hope my new doctor I'm about to register with still prescribes them until the Traz hopefully kicks in.
The worst side effect for me on Traz is heartburn and I feel like I want to burp all the time, ha ha! I've not got much of an appetite either but apart from that it's been a walk in the park to start up on (so far!!!)
I asked my doctor what the usual dose for anxiety is and he said up to 200mg's and anywhere up to 600mg for depression. I've not really got any day time anxiety even on 50mg's but very much still have my night panic if I wake up and I only managed to sleep till 2.30am last night so think an increase is needed for me too when I next see Dr J on Monday.

21-10-12, 20:13
Karen STAY AWAY from Zopiclone...I got hooked on these for 2 solid months and although i felt good on them in the day, they stooped helping me to sleep and i would wake every night around 2.30 am and couldn't fall back to sleep so i started taking more and so on.....I felt great in the day as they relaxed me so much...But 3 different Pharmacists all told me to come off them...they are only for very short term use only...these are a very addictive drug and in the long term will be very harmful to your body....It took me around 2 solid months to come off them i couldn't sleep all that time and really suffered...it took Traz to get me off which they have done an amazing job for me...im only on 50mg but sleep 6-7 hrs every night on them...i want to increase them to help with my anxiety soon...But take it from me ..Get off the Zopiclone it will get you in time...

21-10-12, 20:37
I had dry mouth with ssri. It never went away while I was taking it

22-10-12, 09:36
I've been on Zopiclone 5 months Greg I am already hooked ): I've been on Zop that long before though and never had a prob coming off it but my anxiety had gone when I did, where as I've been on Mirtazapine for 7 months what's not worked at all for my anxiety so am at square one hoping Trazodone helps now so I can get off the Zopiclone. I'm seeing my doctor at 11am so he might increase the Trazodone. :)

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PS.I'm only on 7.5mg's of Zop but find if I've ever taken half a pill extra my day time anxiety is gone but they won't even prescribe more than one pill a night at my surgery. I'd love to get off them now but my anxiety is just so bad during th enight if I ever wake up so I take the Zop purley to clam me down as it's never really heped me sleep much. Nothing does, already Trazodone is pooping out on me.

22-10-12, 13:27
i was on Zop the same dose as you..
First i was on 3.5 1 per night
then i started to need 2 at night , then i started to want more because , like you i could notice my daytime Anxiety had gone so i got addicted to zop because of this and now they were not helping me stay asleep anymore..
But they are just not a good drug to take for more than a month and thats on a 2 weekly cycle... a lot of TV STARS take Zop in there day because it gives them a high, a lift , you feel good on them..But you will soon start to need more to get the same effect and thats when the real prob begins esp when your doc wont give you the amounts you need...then your stress will rise and so will your anxiety ...so you cant win on them...Go to any phymasist and ask what they sugest for the usage of these drugs....Remember a Doctor is not trained in Medicanin no where near the standards as a Phymasist.....please forgive me for my spelling...lol...Greg

22-10-12, 16:46
What's your anxiety like on Trazodone now Greg? I'm still on 50mg's that's all after seeing my doctor this morning, he says I can increase next week and not to expect any change in my anxiety levels for a good month till they take some effect. I've had anxiety and panic for 7 months now since my divorce began but got put on Mirtazapine which never did a thing for me, not even make me sleep. I've managed to come completley off Diazepam now and just need to get off the Zopiclone but at the minute I'm still waking up totally panic ridden so basically do use it as a substitute tranquilizer as it doesn't make me sleepy, just chilled enough to cope. But like you say after a while you start needing that little bit more. I could do with another half a pill after taking it for 5 months but am hoping Trazodone reduces my anxiety enough to come off it for good and hopefully at some point I have to get over my marriage break up and naturally just come down. My doctor says Trazodone is good for anxiety but every one is different so he can't promise me it will actually be any better than Mirtazapine, only time will tell. :weep:

22-10-12, 17:52
Karen,Iv been on traz 50 mg now for 56 days and have still no problem getting to sleep with it...I take it at 9.30pm then bed at 10.30pm by then im wanting to shut my eyes and then after no time atall.... im gone...6-7 hrs.If i wake for a toilet i always have a very dry mouth so i have a bottle of water by my bed just to have a quick drink...I dont think the dry mouth will ever go but im just excepting that and getting use to it...As for my anxiety, that has Slightly gone down , I have some very good days and some ok days and a few not great days.But this is a low dose to treat anxiety anyway so im not expecting much at the mo...I think half the battle is to just except whats going on and what medication you are taking and try not to keep watching yourself and making a diary every day,,I found all that to be a constant reminder of the whole im in,so i just put it all into the back of my head and get on with it all and i think its helps me...Divorce is hard for anyone so maybe time will heal you and you will feel better as time goes by....:yesyes:

24-10-12, 09:58
I'm no longer getting the sickly, appetitie supressant side effect or much of a dry mouth But do think Traz has slightly heightened my anxiety even on just 50mg's. It's not terrible but I felt a faster heart rate most of yesterday and it didn't go away until way past 7 where as my anxiety has got a bit better during the day just of late and has always completley left me around 4pm but it's such early days for me and I am pretty sensitive to side effects especially the heightened anxiety...but I'm still sticking with it as it's been a walk in the park starting up compared to when I tried Venlafaxine a few weeks ago which made me totally spaced out, sick as a dog all day long and I had really bad anxiety so quit it after 4 or 5 days. It was just too potent for me.
I actually managed to sleep till 6am today too! Wooo, that is a total first as I've not slept brilliantly for months now so hopefully, fingers crossed the Traz is doing a little something already before moving up a dose. I just want to feel like I can cope as soon as I wake up as still feeling very paniky but that's not going to happen over night I guess so like you Gregg I'm not expecting toomuch on 50mg's. :)

25-10-12, 09:03
Karen ..Give it time in your system..my doc said it takes upto 2 months before your body and mind are really excepting of Traz... I felt Hightend anxiety for the first month or so , on and off in my day and at night, but just decided to go with it, because it has helped my sleeping sooooo much i was willing to go through a little hell for that...i have some good days and not so good days, But no worse then i used to get before Traz..So i am getting good sleep..And having better days...Surely it can only get better on a higher dose...i still get the dry mouth at night and slight in my day..but i hardly wake at night now...I have a very small snack at 9.30pm maybe a small handfull of my breakfast cerial..which is bran flakes no sugar no milk just dry ..no calories..lol..then my Traz with a small gulp of water.. i do not eat or drink after 5.30 anyway so you dont wake needing the toilet... i goto bed at 9.30. with a book or a small time on my laptop with the backlight turned right down..then by 10.30pm im ready...before 11pm im gone...lovely...

25-10-12, 09:27
I'm really settling down at night again now, I didnt have any anxiety at all after 4pm yesterday but during the day, I had that nervous feeling you get with anxiety but just got on with things and it passed. It's just annoying more than frightening and I know Trazodone can make you feel more nervous before better so I'm defo sticking with it for atleast the 8 weeks my gp told me to. My sleep seemed to get bad again half way through last week but luckily it's been much better htis week but I'm hoping I start waking up not feeling so panicy. Even on a low dose like 50mg's have you noticed any improvement with how you feel when you first wake up Greg? Or is it just purely your sleep that's a whole lot better which I know, is something as I'd also become a total insomniac. Apart from the hieghtened anxiety all my other side effects have gone now, trust the nervousness to stick around unless that relaly is just me as I've got a biggie week coming up, I'm moving into my new flat and have to change doctors and just hope the new ones are understanding. Myt little boy is starting his new shcool too so lots going on (but a few nice things like my Sister's 4th Birthday surprise party, Halloween and bonfire night too!) :)

25-10-12, 12:51
Good to her you sound more positive Karen...my mood has def lifted prob about 30 -40% over the last 3 weeks now...my life hasnt changed so it must be a combination of better sleep and the Traz having a small effect. I can still have the odd bad night and wake then not fall back, just like Normal people. !! lol..we forget average people have bad nights and grotty mornings and depressing days to....we just think we have to be on good form all the time....you have to except you WILL get bad days to...but relish the good ones and remember and focus on them , not the bad one we might of had ...its all in the mind .....its not always easy to see it like that .I have my negitive days and think to myself , its all gone backwards,But then i try to remind myself how quick it can all change and leave me feeling good again...I wake some mornings Still very tired grotty and iritable even after 7 hrs good sleep...my mood is sometimes still low my eyes strain and i feel unaprochable ...But i just keep moving through and wait for improvement to come...i feel good around some people and bad around others.!! so its never consistant for me But i keep moving on...you have good things to look forward to that will ocupy your mind so may be distracted from it all for a while..Try to relax and take each day as it comes..worry about tomorow and next week...When you get to it...Dont think how will i feel tonight how will i feel tomorow...untill you get to it otherwise you are setting ykurself up to fall....

26-10-12, 09:42
That's really good advice Greg and such positive thinking. I'm wanting to move into my flat finally this weekend but am waiting for a call from my doctor to see if will write my next prescription for my Trazodone and Zop then I need to register at my new gp's and hope they are good and understanding. Ho0pefully once I start leading a proper life things might calm down a bit for me at long last and my divorce is going through to the final stage, phew! Having said that I was wide awake at 2.30am last night so the Trazodone didn't help but I have such a lot on my mind with this moving lark and as you say even people not suffering with anxiety or depression get sleepless nights. I really don't see 50mg's of Traz doing much for me so want to move onto 100mg's asap and up to 150mg if needs be. I really just want to be my old self for Christmas, ha ha!

26-10-12, 10:47
Thats the spirit Karen positive thinking...Funny all the advice iv given you about the sleeping..Because last two nights for me i also have woken and struggled to get back to sleep and last night was like my old days I woke at 12 am then managed to fall back then i woke at 2 am , laid there untill 3am getting realy frustrated then i went to my lounge and laid there till 4 and went back up and slept for about 1hr , then i was awake again and have been since and feel Realllllly tired and Flat today...so I still get those moments ...BUT i will go to bed tonight and put that at the back of my mind anf hopefully get 6-7 hrs again which I find always makes me feel good just knowing i have slept well...I have my apt with my Doctor this coming monday and will tell him all my ups and downs and sleep pattern etc etc...He is not my Doc in the surgery , he is a Doctor in my local hostpital for the mental health team so they have a vast amount of excperiance over a norm Gp...Ill keep you posted on what he says and advices ..I expect he will tell me to move up to 100 mg or there abouts ...Keep in touch Karen and we can share feedback ...

26-10-12, 10:55
Hi my meds cause dry mouth and if you breathe through your mouth when you are asleep it can make things ten times worse

26-10-12, 13:51
Yep i breath through my mouth so Always suffer for that...Bummer

26-10-12, 16:21
All my side effects have gone thankfully or they have until I go up to 100mg's too, ha ha! I'm gonna try and keep off the Zopiclone hopefully this weekend so also need to tell myself I will sleep with Trazodone alone...I'll let you know if it works.
I had a night just like you Greg, awake not quite as early as 12am but def by 2 ish and yet I'd slept dead well the previous 2 nights, it's weird isn't it how one night Traz can knock you out and another do nothing but I was mulling over loads of stuff last night.
Are you on Trazodone alone then now Greg??? Good luck at your appointment on Monday.

26-10-12, 18:02
Yes Karen funny how each night can differ..I am begging for my Bed by 10.30pm dropping lol, then BANG !!!!! Im out like a light....and Nothing till 6.30am... Then the next night BANG Im out same time then up at 1am AWAKE !!!! AND NOT TIRED but can feel the back of my eyes hurting...so i dont know what happens...I am just on Traz nowadays and am so glade im of the Zop...I just stoped taking Zop after cutting down from my 3 per night ...
What i did was for 1 week I took one zop at 9pm 1at 11pm then bed..week two 1 at 9pm half at 11pm didnt allways sleep...week 3 1at 9pm half at 11pm bed
week 4 ...I had 1/2 at 9 pm 1/2 at 11 pm with half Traz.
week 5 I had 1/2 at 9 pm 1/2 Traz only at 11pm
week 6 I had 1/2 Traz 9pm 1/2 Traz 11pm
werk 7 just on Traz....thats how i came of the Zop and that was my way not the docs...If you have things on your mind before bed you prob will wake more than when you have nothing....Im not very good at reading books , But i was told the best way to prepare yourself for bed is .....1 hr before bed read a boring book...has to be boring not stimulating in anywy and not depresing just boring so it does not wake you up and leave you dreaming about the story you are reading...Then take Traz about half hr before bed ....If you wake up only lay in your bed for 20 min ...Dont watch the clock just kind of judge it, Infact turn the clock away so you cant see the time , that way you wont wined yourself up about the time when u wake..After around 20 min get up go to another roon and Do not turn on lights Do not turn on pc or ipads or mob phones this will stimulate your mind and start to wake your mind up from sleep mode...Instead go where you have a dull light and read that boring book untill you feel tired...then go back to bed you should now fall back to sleep, if not and you are still awake after around 20 min or so, Again go back and read that book and keep doing this and only going back to bed when you FEEL TIRED even if you have to stay up till 5am..you are trying to train and condition your brain that Bed is sleeptime and anywhere eles is not..when you are so tired hour brain in time will asociate bed with sleep...this is how i got out of a very bad bout of Insomnia that i had for 3 solid months and it worked..Its hard and stressful But worth it...

27-10-12, 18:02
I've had 2 rubbishy nights too Greg, it's funny how Traz works wonders one night and then just poops out the next hey. Last night was a terrible night as I had a massive panic attack about 3am when I just couldn't get back to sleep and I ended up at the gp out of hours unit at half 4, where this doctor gave me a diazepam injection (that's a first!!!) but he must have only given me a 2mg dose or something as it didn't touch me at all. I think its def time for a Trazodone increase. I just want to get it working as an anti anxiety drug now so I can quit the Zopiclone (which I'd run out of because I took an extra pill one night when I was feeling real panicky again).
Insomnia is horrible, I don't normally suffer either and am only really bothered by it because I panic without fail. I'm having my next CBT session specifically aimed at night panic in fact. I've been sleeping on my Parents sofa for the last 6 months so I know that's not helped at all but I finally have a bed at my flat, which I'm moving into finally this coming week, I'm scared stiff too of being on my own with a little boy but hopefully I'll start sleeping a million times better, when I was under the crisis team a couple of weeks ago they said it should really help and the fact that my life is finally falling back into place...I hope so or I'll be joining the library for all these boring books, ha ha! You have a real good attitute to your anxiety and insomnia Greg I try to but no matter how positive I am I still get terrible night panic.

28-10-12, 07:48
Sorry to hear you are having Bad times Karen.I know how hard it gets and how alone you can feel with it and there is NOTHING WORSE than waking in the early hrs feeling low and high panic, That is very hard to cope with for ANYONE...When i used to wake up with a panic attack , It was ( as you know ) the worse excperiance Ever..you feel isolated lonely and vonarable and frightend and the more you think about it the stronger it always gets...But after a while I used to just Except them telling myself ''' hear it comes again and I can and will get through it...Id get out of bed and take it downstairs , just to disasociate it with my bedroom..I would then put the Tv on and ride it out not fighting it , Just kind of allowing it to happen !! taking Slow long breaths and just reasuring myself it will soon pass... let any negetive thoughts pass through dont fight them sit it out and except it all , But breath sow and deep...Now this takes practice and beleif in yourself and in time they will get less and last for shorter times ...untill they stop...What you have to remember ( which when you are having one ) is very hard to focus and remain positive ....Is that It cant and never will harm you or your child...It just feels emotionaly bad..But you are not going to get hurt in anyway...and it Will pass...they always pass.Always...If we panic because we are having a panic attack then you are just adding fuel to the fire...But it will still pass, I promise you it will...Just remain in control of it and Dont let it control you....be prepared for it when it happens again instead of thinking ( ohh god its hapening again what am i going to do ...) recognize it and say..( ok Karen im aware of whats going to happen and i am going to deal with it ) use the steps above a gave and give it a try Karen ...But give it time ....I dont Ever wake with panic attacks anymore as i battled against them and they just faded and stoped...So you can do it...

28-10-12, 07:56
As already mentioned by many, dry mouth effects a high proportion of users of anti depressant.
They can fly a man to the moon, pinpoint exactly where you are in the world if your mobile is switched on but generally the side effects of so many of these pills are awful.
One word of warning.A dry mouth is heaven for a dentist when working on your teeth, but it can cause a lot of teeth problems as one gets older.