View Full Version : depersonalisation and vivid dreams...help please!

kris 1
31-07-06, 12:20
Hi everyone,
im just wondering if anyone else suffers from really vivid dreams-that seem so real that when you awake it takes a while to realise that you are awake and not still in your dream....it makes me think that i am going crazy,these dreams are not violent or anything like that they are just really realistic and seem to mimic daily activities?I tend to dwell on them thru-out the day and it really freaks me out and feeds my depersonalisation/derealism even further....i feel like a walking zombie for the day,like i havent slept at all-if anyone has had something similar could they please let me know as im really freaking out..beginning to think i belong in a mental hosptital..thanks


31-07-06, 15:43
not to worry you are not going mad it is just a symptom the same as all the others
firstly you should know that if you are aware of the possibility of going crazy then there is no way you could. people who go crazy are not aware of it and neither do they care. the more you dwell on a symptom and worry that it is something else, not just anxiety, the longer it will stay. just tell yourself this each time IT IS ONLY A SYMPTOM and ignore it.look at it one way its cheaper than booze he he