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14-09-12, 14:12
I've just started Ami last night (only 10 Mg), but felt really, really tired today. I'm just starting to wake up a bit now and it's 14:00. I took it about 5pm yesterday.
Does the drowziness ware off? Also a bit of a fuzzy head - which I can never handle 'cause I get a lot of derealisation.
I'm taking them for tension headaches, by the way.

14-09-12, 17:57
Hi Dez

I have many family and friends who take that dose for tension headaches and neck pain. The first time I took it for pain which was a few years ago it did give me a hungover feeling. These initial side effects did pass for me. You may have noticed my post that I am on 100mg for anxiety/depression and I have found them helpful and can tolerate the side effects.

Good luck I hope they help you with your pain...
:) Steven

14-09-12, 18:15
Thanks steven. I know it usually takes around 3-4 weeks to get the stuff into your system, but thought that such a small dose for pain relief wouldn't take as long or have such bad side effects.
I was only Escitalopram before this for 3 weeks and was just about bed ridden withth e side effects - horrendous. Nearly had to give up work and become an agraphopic (more of an agrophobic).

14-09-12, 18:59
hi ive been on these for 5/6 weeks now and the first couple of weeks i suffered a weird heavy head feeling and dry mouth but that went by week 4 i still have weird dreams but i look forward to going to bed now as i love the dreams i have :) i started at 5mg then 10mg and have now stopped at 20mg for headaches and im noticing my anxiety seems abit better but im still debating going higher as my doctor is happy for me to go up to 30mg which is still a low dose compared to some people ..... all i can say these have changed my life i was close to giving up work and began feeling like i couldnt look after my son but i now feel so much happier positive and happy so give them ago they could be a life changer x

14-09-12, 19:13
Hi Dez

I tried quite a lot of the SSRI'S and SNRI's without much success strangely enough they can actually make you feel more anxious. Keep us posted mate on how you get on?...:)


Hi Sazlebazle

That's great you are getting good results from them...:yesyes:

17-09-12, 10:54
I'm now feeling quite faint and shaky. It doesn't help I suppose that I've got a chest infection at the moment, but don't feel right at all. The tension actually feels worse at the moment. That might be due to the amount of coughing right enough.

19-09-12, 10:01
Hi Dez....You probably answered your own question mate. I am now on my 2nd lot of antibiotics for chest infection which I have had for about 4 weeks. They make you lethargic and have their own side effects. I am coughing up a lot of stuff. Hope things have got better for you Dez....:)


26-09-12, 18:23
Hi :) I've been on 20mg for a few weeks now and don't notice any of the 'hangover' the next day. Keep with it, it's worked wonders for my tension headaches.