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15-09-12, 15:57
hi all

I have all ready posted about trying to come off seroxat but have another question I hope someone can answer. I am on 30mg a day but only take it 5 times a week on average as I frequently forget to take it.

Does this effectively mean that I am only getting a dose of 21mgs a day in my system. Or will I still be getting the full 30mg on the days I take it dropping to way less on the days I miss taking a dose.

thanks Owain

17-09-12, 12:49
Paroxetine has a rather short half-life (contrary to fluoxetine for instance), it should be taken every day unless you want to experience some withdrawal symptoms on the days you don't.
Now it's possible you don't need 30mg anymore and can try 20mg, just don't skip a dy.

06-11-12, 18:52
if you are on seroxat - you should take it around the same time everyday - dont skip doses.

seroxat has only a short life - it is in the body for 16 hours.

that is why if some people forget to take their tablet - they get withdrawal.

29-01-13, 10:35
I have read that the life of seroxat is 21 hours and its important to take it at the same time everyday.
Just started on 10mg (day 9) and doc looking at upping dose to 20mg next week... Wondering if I should try 15mg to start?