View Full Version : feeling I am going to lose control.

15-09-12, 18:18
Hi, I am on day 5 of starting Cymbalta 30mg daily, I used to be on Sertaline 150mg daily. I feel so s**t, my head feels foggy for want of a better word. My teeth and mouth hurt but the most worrying is that when someone says something that seems either unnecessary or not too my liking I want to lash out at them. My husband said something in a wind up fashion and I wished I had a knife to stab him. Is this just a side effect that should disappear. My doctor said to go back after 2 weeks if I felt that they were not helping. Do I go back on Monday or wait it out. I have been in bed for two days as I feel so rough. Can someone advice my please.

13-11-12, 11:06
Hello sweetheart,

How are you feeling now?