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18-09-12, 08:46
ive done one week of clomipramine at 35mg
not felt any bennefits yet.ive been taking it in a morning but wondering should i take it at bedtime ? Why is there such a lag on antidepressants working ? and am i right on saying its about 3 weeks before they actually start doing any good even when upping the dose ?
bobbbyone :scared15:
side effects
sweaty hands and feet
anxiety in a morning more so
dry retching in a morning
lack of apeatite
hope i can get through this :0

10-02-14, 11:34
Hope it got better - it usually takes 2-4 weeks I think - sometimes longer. Mine kicked in fairly soon but I didn't feel it properly until about a month or two in.

01-07-14, 12:27
where you dry retching before starting them? I used to dry retch but the clomipramine helped with all my anxious thoughts/panic etc. I am not 100% but I am a lot better than I was.
It maybe time to go up a little on the dose, they say tricyclic anti depressants have to be taken for a long enough period at the right dose.