View Full Version : How long do these take to work for pain relief???????

19-09-12, 13:06
I've been taking these for 5 days now and don't see any difference so far. Only on 10Mg for tension headaches. How long do these take to work for pain relief?

22-09-12, 19:19
hi i started on 10mg for tension headaches i was getting about 4 a week when i started ami it took about 3 weeks for me to notice a difference i was so close to stopping as i was begining to think they werent working and then i woke up one day and felt positive and ive not had a headache since i have upped mine to 25mg as i was suffering some anxiety to now ive been on them 6 weeks and apart from suffering with a flu bug this week so have been feeling anxious and dizzy i feel great just stick with them at least till about week 4 i know it sounds a long time of but they do work fingers crossed they work for you x

25-09-12, 11:49
sazlebazle. Did you get any side effects on these. I feel very dizzy when I'm walking about. Did you just stick to the 10Mg for the first 4 weeks?

25-09-12, 16:02
hi yeah i got dizzyness and was close to giving up but by week 3 it just stopped i also put on abit of weight but im just glad to be feeling better all round i started on 5mg for 3 days then went up to 10mg and then just upped it 5mg each time till i got to 25mg which is where i am now stick with it they do work eventually x

26-09-12, 09:59
Thanks sazlebazle. I've been on 10Mg for 2 weeks now and haven't noticed any difference (apart from the dizzyness). I think I'll up then to 15mg after this weekend and see how I get on. I'm really hoping something happens for me soon, as I've been feeling unwell and on different meds for around 4 months now and it's been a constant, everyday battle to do anything. How I've managed to stay at work is a shocker even to me.

26-09-12, 16:58
i tried lots of different meds and these were the only ones that worked for me i was of work for months at the begining of the year they made me so ill ..... i was close to giving my job up which i would have hated but i decided to start taking these and they have been great i still have the odd of day (today hasent been great ive been anxious and dizzy) but i just tell my self its an of day and tomorrow will be better x

27-09-12, 11:27
I'll more than settle for the odd off day. Everyday is an off day just now. I'm going to split a tablet into 4 (if that's possible) and take 1 1/4 for 4 days, then split a tablet in half and take 1 1/2 for 4 day and so on, until I'm up to 20 Mg. Fingers crossed they work.
The worst thing for me is the dizzyness and floatiness when I'm walking. Also the fact that the back of my head/neck is so tense and sore I can hardly turn my head. I had about an hour last night where I actually felt alright. I was going to go out for a jog and everything (I used to be a non-smoking, marathon running, gym goer about 4 month ago).

27-09-12, 12:42
Hi. I've been on them a few weeks now. Started off at 10mg for a week then up to 20mg. Had the occasional headache but nowhere near as bad as before. The side effects do wear off, stick with them xx