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20-09-12, 20:27

I was put on Paxil or Paroxetine eleven years ago for OCD because I cleaned too much. I know it sounds silly but I had to mop the floors every day it wasn't that I wanted too. I also had and still have horrible anxiety. So, I have been off of it now for roughly three weeks after tapering down and I am feeling this Rage which I never knew I had in me.

Now, I am going through stressful situations such as my son joined the Army and qualified for Special Forces and yes he took it over Intelligence which would in my eyes be safer. Everyone tells me how proud I should be of him. Well sorry to say I am not. I do not want him over who knows where seeing horrible things and having to do them. This was not our plan for him it was college. Part of the rage.

Also, a friend of mine is having surgery in two weeks and I don't know if they will make it. Plus, my step-mother is having cancer again after a year of being free of it. More rage.

I also think when you have been on an anti-depressant of this kind it numbs you to some degree and I have probably just been keeping things inside of me and not dealing with them or speaking up. Now I don't have that buffer.

So, what do I do with the Rage? So far my poor husband has gotten the most of it. We will be alone come Nov. when our son leaves and I have to get this under control or I don't know if our marriage can stand it.

Thanks for reading.


21-09-12, 16:06

I recommend you visit Paxil progress its a site dedicated to poeple coming off paxil.

The rage you are feeling is totally normal in w/d, how long have you been off now? and how fast did you taper?

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I recommend that you get back on the lowest dose that you were on maybe 5 or 10mg as soon as possible and tpaer very VERY slowly.

especially after being on for so long, the poop could really hit the fan in a few more weeks if you tapered too quickly and the rage is just the tip of the iceburg.

pm me if you want to

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and Southern Belle - those emotions are NOT you they are withdrawel

06-11-12, 18:50
have you just stopped taking it after 11 years?

no wonder you feeling rough.

go paxilprogress.org.