View Full Version : ESA, any advice please!

21-09-12, 15:35
Hi All,,

I received letter from dwp, letting me know that my income support, server disablement allowance is going to change to be assessed for ESA.

Please anyone got any advice on what to do. what I'm to expect.

this is scary, they say they are going to phone me next week.

I knew it would happen at some point.

feel sick. my anxiety going.


22-09-12, 00:12
Hi Yvonne,

I had my benefits changed over to ESA last year. I was anxious about it as well but there was nothing to worry about. I got a phone call too basically just them telling me about the change over and saying I would get the claim form to fill in soon. I filled in the form and waited for a couple of months before I got the decision about it. You'll be fine hun :)

22-09-12, 20:46
Hi Starlight,

thank you for your kind words and the advice, very much appreciated thanks :hugs:

I searched online for info about esa, I found a lot, plus checked my email for certain site that Im a member off. got info from there, still to read it.

thanks again.

23-09-12, 01:58
Mine got changed as well, I phoned them up and they explained that everyone is having it changed to that and at some point they may ask me to come in for an interview. They said I could bring a letter from my psychiatrist explaining my conditions and that would mean I would be put into the "support focused" group instead of the "work focused". From what she said it means that people who are unable to work will get more support instead of being pushed back straight into work.

23-09-12, 03:09
thank you uk23, very much aprpeciated thanks. this helps really does. though still worry about it. if I phone them about it, they tell me then, instead having to wait for them to phone.

I'll try that on Monday. thanks.

06-10-12, 22:29
I phoned, was told to wait for phone call, received phone call, all they told me was what was on the letter. what was the point in phoning then.

now received from, on that letter I have to let the ato's know when i'm free for their phone call. and to be called in for medical.

getting help to fill in form on Tuesday by advice works.

my the form ask you quesitons nothing to do with your mental health. though fits my asthma right now. I can answer it due to my asthma being so bad.

06-10-12, 23:13
I hate those forms, they are all about physical health : (
I really think they should be changed to accommodate mental health too.

07-10-12, 01:15
I agree AG. It really makes me cross that mental health isn't often addressed appropriately and effectively in these situations.

Yvonne you'll be fine - as others have said it is a formality that everyone is having to go through in order for the benefit to be changed to ESA. It's all boll***s (pardon me) in my opinion but you don't have a choice but to fill in the forms and attend the medical etc.

I have to say that I haven't needed to claim this myself (yet), but I would probably get thrown out of the medical for voicing my opinion on mental health, the government and NHS.

Let us know how you get on Yvonne. Best of luck. :hugs: