View Full Version : Withdrawal problems

Richy rich
22-09-12, 20:24
I am having lots of problems which started in June. I went away to relax from stress at work, but when I came back, I broke down. GP wrote referral back to the CMHT. He decided I needed to have my meds increased. I was on Venlofaxine 150mg, but increased to 225mg. This was when I started getting worse - side effects were terrible that I had to be taken off them over 6 weeks. Duloxetine was chosen as the next one to try. However I've had lots of side effects and after 6 weeks was decided that I needed help and was taken off them. I was on the lowest dose pending psych input. I was told that I should not take them for 1 day, then have a last tablet and stop taking them. I have now gone 1 week without meds. Having lots of bad side effects - dizzy, headaches, nausea, tinnitus, hot and cold spells and crying a lot. Gp spoke to me two days ago to say he sent another letter to psych a week ago and an urgent one two days ago for guidance. Nothing heard. He said he feels let down by psych. He said he doesn't want to put me on any other meds until psych has come back. Has put me on 30mg of meds to help dizziness and giving me lorazepam as I need in sets of 6. My anxiety is ok - probably as im so tired, but so dizzy. Can't ease it. Tabs not working and feeling very down. Wish I could get off all meds. Really don't want to go on new ones. Have tried 3 different meds which work for a while, then stop working. First time was aero at / Prozac which when stopped working ended up with me going into a psych hospital. Really don't want this again. I'm not suicidal at the moment, but getting lots of negative thoughts. Has anyone got any advice to cope with side effects? Thanks.