View Full Version : Clomipramine side effects (in the bedroom)

25-09-12, 01:39
Hi all,

I was taking Clomipramine for only a couple of months and in regards to the OCD, this worked really well for me and was very calm all the time - nothing phased me at all, it was great.

The trouble was though that the side effects were unbearable. Passing urine hurt like chuff, for the first time in my life I found myself constipated, I had really itchy skin where at times I ended up scratching the skin off and the lack of energy was too much. If im honest though (and you have to try and laugh about it), the main side effect was that the sex life was knocked for six and it would take an age to fulfill any urges but most of the time it was not possible. What a strange sensation to be on the job only to go completely limp halfway through. This was a painful experience also.

Anyway, I have been off this medication for two weeks now and the side effects have gone with the exception that I have now developed a further side effect of premature ejaculation and it is still painful. The sperm seems to have changed consistency and is much thinner.

Does anyone know the length of time for Clomipramine to get out of your system and if the concerns in the bedroom will ease at all. The prem ejaculatio and the pain caused is starting to get a bit worrying if im honest. I have just started taking Lofepramine - fingers crossed that this works.

03-08-13, 21:39
Heya, am not sure how long it takes to get out of system completely but I would imagine it'd take at least a couple of weeks for your body to readjust, plus with taking the Lofepramine might be effects of this possibly(?) It's different for me as a girl, but I had major problems bedroom with clomipramine when I first took it, for months and months - lost ability to O! But then it just came back of it's own accord....am still on the clomipramine and side effects pretty much gone except occasional dry mouth - drugs are stange things indeed!
Best of luck