View Full Version : Postpartum anxiety....again!

28-09-12, 16:16
Hi all,

I'm just wondering whether anyone has had the same experience as I have and how long it took for them to feel better. I had ppa with my first daughter and was treated with Paxil, I felt myself after about 3 months. I switched to cipralex because of weight gain and stayed on it for about 1 year, also while I was pregnant, dose was 10mg. I thought that I would avoid it when my second child was born recently but I started having the anxiety again! I am very angry about this. My doctor upped my dose of cipralex to 20mg. It has been about a week now and I feel slightly better but have bad moments still. Sometimes I wonder if the medicine will fully work. I am sooooo sick of this feeling. I just want to enjoy my kids. Does anyone have a similar experience. How long did it take for you to feel better after uping your mess? Not as l long as the initial start up I hope.