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01-10-12, 09:51
Sitting here in tears feeling every ache and pain in my body wondering if health anxiety is ever cured. Got wedding invites to make for daughters wedding and I keep thinking I won't be there on the day or if I am I'll be dying of something. Can't summon up the will to start them, also got to go and spend day with elderly mum and keep acheck on her. Feeling sick. tired and fed up . Hope my CBT lady will have some ideas tomoro. :weep::scared15:

01-10-12, 14:13
Sorry you are feeling so low today. I found CBT really helpful and hope you will too. :hugs::hugs:

01-10-12, 15:34
Thanks. Been to mums and she's OK so thats one less worry. Started knitting to take my mind off my health.Can see the logic in CBT when I feel well but then the anxiety takes over and pushes the logic out the window.:unsure:

01-10-12, 15:42
I know I have days like that and try to think positive all the time but sometimes I still can't stop the anxiety taking over.

24-10-12, 15:05
hey annie. hope ur ok. wot u up to.x