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09-10-12, 08:49
I know that there are other threads about this. I have written others. I only usually have derealisation at night then feel 'out of it' during the day. But I had it in work yesterday. Horrible. I had to keep talking to customers and move about feeling like I wasn't there. I have been afraid of this for so long. Now I know it can happen anywhere.
I don't tell people in work about my anxiety etc so I just kept going, it did leave me but it's made me feel so miserable and sad. I told my other half is happened but he doesn't understand so wasn't really supportive and didn't day hardly anything. (We don't live together)

It's so hard. I wish it would just go away I want to feel normal and free of anxiety. It keeps returning with new symptoms. I dont know what to do. Doctors dont help and the only help groups are for panic attacks
:weep:Xmas is coming work is busy I'm concerned I'll be anxious and have derealisation and I'm dreading it. I have nobody to talk to I just want to curl up into a ball and cry and never leave the house (I'm not going to though)

09-10-12, 08:56
I would ask your doctor if he can refer you for cbt. sending you :hugs::hugs:

09-10-12, 13:57
They havnt offered me and apparently NHS has a waiting list

10-10-12, 17:31
I know exactly how u feel its so scary! I had to have a few weeks off work luckily they were really supportive of me! I don't really get anywhere with the drs so have started going privately to see Someone! If you ever need a chat feel free to message me xx