View Full Version : amitriptyline ? anyone think this will help?

09-10-12, 21:26
i've always been plagued by anxiety symptoms,breathing,stomach,insomnia, now it appears I can add persistent headaches to the list.......

i've had them in varying degrees for months....on and off.....2 or 3 weeks break and back they come......mostly its like a pressure at the top of my head, sometimes shifting pain, on the worse bouts its present 24 / 7 ........mostly its simply an inconvenience, i still exercise, etc, but since retiring ( at 51 ) its been there permanently, even during the night.

I've done the neurologist bit...where he goes through the motions with normal questions, mri scan and heres some propranolol...that'll be 770 please.

okay...the meaty bit....the propranolol worked but knocked me for six, tiredness and very low heartbeat ( 50 a minute )
The doc has suggested amitriptyline,.......anyone tried this for headaches?did it work?......any side effects...?...

of all my anxiety related symptoms headaches are the worst......so i'd really love to rid myself of these......


09-10-12, 22:25
I took amitripline for 10yrs... Don't recall any side effects on starting them...they are used for migraines, nerve damage and to aid sleep... Best to take before bed, they will make you drowsy if taken in day

10-10-12, 07:53
I took it for headaches and it worked but the dose I used was from 20mg to 50mg.

I had the headaches 24/7 for around a year before and spend hundreds on getting tests and in the end it was anxiety.

10-10-12, 19:13
thanks guys......appreciate your answers.

10-10-12, 19:55
i take 25mg for headaches started on 5mg cut one in half and then upped 5mg at a time to get to 25mg over 2/3 weeks, i take mine early evening and sleep like a log i love it ive been on them 8 weeks i think in total and ive not had a headache since 3 weeks in they have completely changed my life i think they are great as for side effects i have put on a little bit of weight and was very slightly dizzy the first week i was still able to go to work etc didnt effect life to much :) give them ago they may just work x