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10-10-12, 09:54
hi im new i have just been diognosed with pnd i have had it b4 wen i had it on my first born 6yrs ago im currentley on fluoxitine 20mg but from saturday i have to take stereline50mg i have panaic and anxiety attacks i feel total rejection to my daughter and my son its so upseting i just want to get bk to normalx:weep:

10-10-12, 10:04
Hi blonde uk. I posted on your first thread. Please speak to your health visitor and GP about how you are feeling about your children. They are there to help you through this difficult time. It is possible that you have post natal depression which is increasing your anxiety. Be kind to yourself, rest whenever you can and ask for help whenever you need it :hugs:

10-10-12, 10:08
hi i have spoke to my hv and midwife they are trying to get me as much help as they can it was only a couple of days ago i wdnt even leave mt daughtter but now shw constontly cries and dnt want to pick her up as i panic agagin i feel such a bad mother and a failur im really struggling x

10-10-12, 10:23
I'm so glad you have asked for help. You are not a bad Mum. Many women have these feelings after having a baby. You are not alone in feeling this way. You need support to help you through this stressful time. Do you have a partner, family or friends who could give you a little more help at this time? :hugs:

11-10-12, 00:09
yes i do have a partner but mt family arent very supportive they just tell me to get a grip and pull myself 2geter

11-10-12, 00:17
Hi ya, I had dnp with my second child iv had anxiety and panic attacks for 10 years now.. Its a horrible cycle to be in but with the right help and support you will get better little by little... Don't be to hard on your self you will get there .. I still have mine I have my good and bad days but iv learnt to understand it and it don't scare me no more wish you best of luck xx

12-10-12, 09:45
i tohave sufferd frm post natal on y 6 yr old and have had panic and anxiety for 15 yrs now but neva as bad as this