View Full Version : ECG Scare - Completely panicked!

12-10-12, 07:05
Hi everyone,

Would really appreciate some advice on this. A year ago my cardiologist told me my heart was fine - he did an echo and saw my ecg.

Two weeks ago I had a further ecg by a new doctor (just to check my qt interval). Everything was fine but it read "left anterior hemiblock".

The doctor said he wouldn't refer it to a cardiologist as it was an incidental finding, but my concern is why a healthy 30 year old would, in the space of one year, develop "left anterior hemiblock".

The only heart risk I have is severe ongoing anxiety/panic. I've had this for 10 years now. I'm wondering if maybe the fact I had a panic attack during the ecg meant that the results could have been inaccurate - my heart rate was close on 140bpm and I was breathing pretty rapidly!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated - I'm thinking of seeing my old GP (who I trust immensely) about this just in case. :ohmy:

24-01-14, 21:35
I think there are some findings on ecgs which are considered not to be of significance, or even readings that occur because the wires ate incorrectly placed. As you suffer from anxiety I would ask your old gp or maybe even ask our current doc to further explain.

If you google All Experts Cardiology left anterior hemiblock, the first result is a reply to a similar question and the cardiologist says that the ecg result of lahb is not significant as it can be caused by something as small as a speck of dust in the bloodstream. Does not mean you have heart disease or heart issues. Sorry I cant do a link on my tablet.