View Full Version : Urgh don't know what to do!

14-10-12, 19:48
I was taking paroxetine many years ago and it helped me sooooo much, but I came off it due to weight gain and feeling like I didn't really need it anymore.
I've recently tried citalopram, but it didn't do much for me and made my vision really blurry so changed to Sertaline 50mg 3 weeks ago.
It has been hell on the sert, horrific anxiety, totally exhausted, the works!
So I'm now thinking maybe its time to try paroxetine again, I'm confident that I could keep the weight issue under control this time as I think maybe it was down to too much partying, unhealthy lifestyle as much as the meds in the past!
The thing is I've read that paroxetine doesn't work aswell the second time around!
Does anyone have any experience of taking it for a second time?

28-10-12, 15:36
Any ssri's may or may not work the second time, you wouldn't know until you tried. It is more likely that it would work though, as it did before!

All you could do is try. Remember you should give most ssri's 6 weeks for them to work though, so Sertraline might kick in soon.

28-10-12, 15:59
3 weeks is not long on the sertraline, are you taking anything else with it to help. I have been on it 3 weeks also and I Tahoe propranolol 3 times a day to help keep me calm. X