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14-10-12, 20:15
hi i got a 4 wk pld baby girl and i still cant bond with her i get panic attacks wen i look or talk to her and pnd is a illness but surely this will end i love her help:weep:

14-10-12, 20:30
Speak to your health visitor or midwife, they may be able to give you some support :hugs::hugs:

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Have your panic attacks just started since your baby was born? x

14-10-12, 20:53
yes they started when she was born and i have spoken to my hv and shes going to try and get me a cpn but ive always suffererd with panic attacks all my life but only gets worse wen i have kids just cant seem to bond with her but i can with my son

14-10-12, 21:08
I hope it will get better for you...maybe counselling would help? Your doctor may be able to refer you :hugs: x

14-10-12, 21:19
i have an appoitment 4 this wk 4 docs so im going to ask them plus i have a mental health nurse

14-10-12, 22:36
Hi Blonde,
I had PND with the birth of my daughter, who will be 16 next month!
Firstly do not feel guilty that you feel you have not bonded with her, all babies need at that age are food, warmth and comfort. You say you love her which is great, its the illness that is making you panic when looking at her - it's not a reflection of how you feel about her.
And it will end, I promise and when it does your relationship with her will not be affected. I was hospitalised twice with PND after having my daughter, yet I adored her - it was me that had a problem - nothing to do with her. As I said she is nearly 16 and we have a close, loving relationship, having PND has not harmed either of us at all. It was horrible and scary at the time but time will heal and you will recover
Take Care

15-10-12, 14:32
Thank u im sure i wil get beta just at the moment these panic and anxiety attacks r getting in the way of hope of me gettin beta ive been on setreline 50mg 4 3 days now and yest i was ok then todayt im axious and av a burning chest x

15-10-12, 15:35
Hello blond.. Although I didn't get it, I have a friend who did and she is now so much better so it will pass.

You are doing the right thing in asking for help and I wish you lots of luck and baby cuddles in the future :)

The main thing I would like to point out to you, and for you to read again is.... you said "I still can't bond with her".. well you have because you then went on to say.. "I love her,help"... Now there's a mum right there :) x

16-10-12, 19:16
Thanks guys had a good day yesterday todays ok just my head is trying to tel me its neva goin to get beta but im holding on my chest has been tite x