View Full Version : diazepam before colonoscopy (IV) sedation ?

17-10-12, 22:48

i have a pending colonoscopy and was told by the doctor to try not to take diazepam if i could avoid it as i think they will have to tinker with the sedation they give me, they did not tell me NOT to take it, though.

...i am 99% sure i am going to be taking diazepam just to get me to the place.

has anyone else been advised similar ?; did you take diazepam before your colonoscopy without any ill effect?

i don't want to get less IV sedation and be alert if they take into account the diazepam although i obviously know i will have to divulge all information of any medication i have taken before hand (...and not just lie).


18-10-12, 09:15
As you will be given sedation for the procedure they will ask you not to take any similar drugs before. I was asked not to take some of my meds before.