View Full Version : ENT wants to put a camera up my nose!

23-10-12, 04:41
I have some concerns, please answer if you can x

The numbing spray.... I have heard it can cause a chocking sensation, and that's one of my BIG triggers.

I'm going there, because of the constant tightness in my throat, nasal polyps and a lump sensation.

What does the numbing spray feel like and how long will my throat feel numb? anything I can do to not panic?

What does it feel like when the camera is inside? I know it can be more painful for some people. does it feel like pressure?

will I feel it going down my throat?
How far down do they actually put it?
what happens if I swallow? I'm afraid too of my throat cramping up, that happens sometimes.

the more prepared I am for any scary or odd sensations, the easier it will be to calm down and tell myself it's normal.

Thanks again x

23-10-12, 12:55
I never felt the numbing spray. It was a quick in and out with the camera but I did feel like I had broken my nose for a few days afterwards. It was quite achey but everyone is different.

23-10-12, 13:00
My husband had it done and had no problems with it at all :hugs:

23-10-12, 13:14
Keep calm, your worrying about nothing. the spray numbs the nasal canals and the camera is not a Nikon 350, its tiny you wont even notice it, Try not to let your imagination run wild. YOUR BE OK :shades: