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25-10-12, 09:22
Had a good 2 days then today i got up on my way to docs then i have a thought of pushing my 6wk daughter in the road and it made me panick i cant take no more its very distressing i have been on setreline50mg 4 10days now please help wot kind of a mother am i

little scientist
25-10-12, 09:28
Firstly you are not a bad mother. It can take time for the medication to make its way into your system, 10 days is quite early I think :)

If at any point you think your daughter is in danger, do you have any family members who could come and stay with you?

big hugs x

25-10-12, 12:36
My family wdnt ave to stay coz my daughter wdnt be in danger coz r wd neva harm her i had this on my fist child 4 month who is now 6yrs old i just dnt get it meds have worked 4 panic attacks but not the depression x

25-10-12, 13:17
You pure thing :( I can't even imagine what that feels like. I have such similar worries. Absolutely absurd things like I'm a pedophile (I'm not attracted to kids in the slightest and I absolutely love the bones of them, I want to be a teacher!)

Remember that you're a lovely person, and it's the fact that you are a lovely person, and that you love your daughter so much, that are causing these worries. I think medication will really help, it'll kick in properly in a few more weeks. Are you getting any therapy at the moment :)?

Remember that they're just thoughts and it doesn't make you any less of a mother! It makes you a better one, if that ! :) If you ever need to talk, I'm here cause I know how thoughts can intrude on your life but just remember, they are not going to hurt anyone! :hugs:

25-10-12, 15:42
yes ive had those same thoughts when i had my first child disgusting and disturbing i just feel like a failurex