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25-10-12, 19:20
Just wondering if anyone would have any advice r help. I've suffered for anxiety for a few years now. It got really severe am I'm now suffering from derealisation and depersonalisation. I feel like I'm losing the plot and have no idea how to cope with it as its taking over my life. Some help would be great :(

25-10-12, 19:23
Hi Naomi, Do you take any medication for your anxiety or have any counselling?

25-10-12, 19:31
Hi Naomik423

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25-10-12, 19:35
Hi Naomi, sorry to hear this anxiety can be really horrible and frightening. Can you give us any more information that may be able to guide us into helping you like have you seen a doctor and have you tried any medication in the past and are you taking anything at the moment. ??

25-10-12, 19:50
My doctor has had me on all diff types of anti depressants from fluoxetine to citroplam loads of diff ones. I've now got dosullepon and I'm on diazepam. I havnt stuck to takin my anti anxiety tabs as I feel they make me worse. But this last month or two these really weird feelings like I'm not myself, or not with it at all. Feel like everything isn't real sometimes don't like tellin people I know cuz they laugh n tell me to wise up. It's really depressin me as I've no idea how to cope with it.

25-10-12, 19:53
I take dosulipin. The feelings you are getting though are classic symptoms of anxiety. Have you had any counselling?

25-10-12, 19:57
What is the longest you have taken any of the antidepressants your doctor has tried you on for the anxiety ?

25-10-12, 19:59
Yea I know my anxiety has been terrible for bout 3-4 years but as these last 2 months It's went to a whole new level the doctor said its derealisation I start counselling on tues hoping it helps. Just feel like I'm goin crazy I'm only 21 and have a 2 year old son and it just gettin in the way of my work and my life. Wouldn't wish it on anyone. By far the most horrible thing I've ever experienced just wish it would go away. Do u think the dosullepin work?

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The longest about a couple of months. Once I think I'm feelin better I usually stop which I know is the worst thing I could do. But I've never experienced these feelings which I am now. It's driving me crazy

25-10-12, 20:09
You are hardly giving the medication chance to get into your system before you stop taking them. A couple of months is not long enough for them to take effect

25-10-12, 20:11
I know I'm prob totally to blame as to why it's got worse. I just hate the way the tabs make u feel worse when u start takin them then I convince myself they ain't gonna help

25-10-12, 20:13
Hi naomik
Sending big:hugs: to you the anxiety dp/dr I have suffered from for along time on and off this last episode has been since August 11
It is so frightening and I really do know how you feel, I seem to get the dp at night or after I have fallen asleep and then wake, panic normally follows also, does this happen to you
I take 40 mgs Prozac and have been given diazepam to use when really desperate, GP only gave me 18 2mgs
There is lots of information on here that is really helpful so have a read and see what you think.....like you I hate having to explain the thoughts I have for fear of what people would think but also when I talk about the dp/ dr in detail it makes me anxious
That's why coming on this brilliant site you know no one will think that we are weird etc
Here to chat if you ever need to
Manda xx

25-10-12, 20:40
Hi, I have taken medication that made me feel 100 x worse, anxiety, aggitation, paranoid, jaw clenching ! and stopped (Citalopram) then I was so scared to try anything else, other than Diazepam, and eventually I felt so bad like I had nothing to loose I tried a different medication Cipralex which the doctors say is similar to Citalopram but they couldnt have been more wrong, I experienced no effects and it worked pretty quickly. The best thing would be if you are going to try a medication to make sure you take it every day - at the same time even, and have your doctor give you some diazepam to take until the antidepressants kick in maybe ? Can you tell us which medications you have tried in the past ?