View Full Version : Want to have a baby does seroxat affect it

10-08-06, 16:35
Hi I really want some advice of anyone who has had a baby whilst on anti depressants. Im on seroxat and wondered if anyone has any advice.
Some doctors tell me its no problemand others say it is please help!![:X]

06-06-10, 22:36
Hi, i took seroxat through my pregnancy, althrough i had no problems whilst taking it when pregnant, but i will tell you not to breast feed if planning on doing so as i had a very bad experiance where my baby girl went into a deep sleep an nothing would wake her, i was advised by doctors to carry on breast feeding but luckly was friends with a nurse who told me to take her straight off the breast as she was having the affect of it through my milk! i was very angry that the doctors were willing to carry on seeing what would happen if i carried on breast feeding an it chills me to think! i hope this helps x