View Full Version : sertraline and pregnancy

27-10-12, 06:51
Hi , I've just found out I'm around six weeks pregnant so my doctor changed my meds from 30mg of citalopram a straight swap to
50mg of sertraline. I feel ok on these but I'm still worried I'm putting my baby at risk by taking them. Does anyone have any experience of anti depressant during pregnancy, and was everything ok ?

27-10-12, 08:14
I actually stayed on 30mg citalopram throughout my pregnancy, then was told I should have been given something different. The dr told me that they wouldn't harm the baby, but the baby may be a little whiney, but that's it. When I did have my son he wasn't whiney at all.
Did your dr change your medication because of your pregnancy? Your doctor has only your health in mind, he/ she is there to make sure you and your baby are safe and healthy and wouldn't give you anything they thought would be harmful or distressing to you.

Congratulations on your pregnancy :)