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11-08-06, 20:02
Hey all, not been on here for ages...been pretty stressful recently.. dad told me in no uncertain terms a while back I had to sort my life out...ie go on dole, get a job, get help etc..I've had so much to think about my heads been spinning..also had to face my dad raising objections to my ideas..not really listening and understanding, etc..wondering what the hell to do...stress!!! Anyway now I am facing the prospect of therapy which is something I am not looking forward to at all though I feel better about it now.

it's a bit confusing though counsellors, therapists, psychologists...was doing research re private but now have to go on nhs...I was hoping to find someone suitable and then ask for a refferal from gp but this isnt proving easy and apparently my doctors only refer to local mental health team...and waiting list about a year...though i may consider a place just over the road from my house...

well think thats all I can say about now...i am considering joining the phobics society though as i think they'd offer a lot of use...is anyone else a member of know of them?? also might be able to help other suffers or help them with media/fundraising??? do feel i need some goals to aim for though one is def see my good friend who ive not seen for 4 years!

Anyway hope ur all good


15-08-06, 17:19
Hi Lauren,

I am a member of the National Phobics Society, and have been since December.

I have been to a couple of meet ups in London, and am in touch with a couple of people by e-mail/letter.

You should look to see if their reduced rate therapy would be suitable for you.

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21-08-06, 14:00
Ive been a ember since about november i think. To be honest i dont take advantage of any of their services! And with cheaper therapies and hypnotherapy etc, youd think i would!
Theres also the no panic telephone service etc. Piglet and some other members on here know more bout that than i do.
Good luck with everything. I know how tough it can be for a dad to tell you to 'get your act together' I wanted help 3 years ago, but dad said i was fine and just looking for attention {even though i was housebound... hmmm a 16 yr old WANTING to stay in? I DONT THINK SO!} Anyway, i finally got the help i wanted in december when i went behind his back, only for him to say you should of done it years ago. then when i refused to have the therapy he told me to get sorted.
The nhs waiting lists are long, i was on the list for a cpn since december, may come and i got an occupational therapist. If you can pay that small fee to join phobics societ and take advantage of their services, it may come quicker than the nhs.
Becci x

21-08-06, 14:03
and if your not recieving any money at all, you really should call the social security, theyll tell you all your entitled to, you could be missing out on a quite a bit of cash that you are fully entitled to.
Becci x

08-01-07, 03:27
Lauren, did you manage to get onto a programme of sorts.

I know the NHS has long lists but that's probably because of the management consultants fees blowing budgets everywhere.

If you can get to a hypnotherapist (check them out as well) then you can probably resolve your issues.

You will probably need to find a way to pay rather than wait, however but the long-term benefits are there.