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31-10-12, 07:12
Hi Guys i was wondering, has ANYONE ACTUALLY GETTING THE BENIFITS OF TRAZ FOR DEPRESSION AND ANXIETY. I ask this because I am in the run of upping my Traz to 150 mg from 50mg and i havnt seen a post yet for anyone actually saying it works for them...?????

31-10-12, 17:55
Hi Greg, I've done 4 weeks at 75mg and increased up to 100mg on Monday. I will be increasing upto 150mg in 2 weeks if I feel okay to do so. I must admit my low moods seem to have improved a great deal, the anxiety seems to have calmed a little but I don't know if that's because the Trazodone tires me to much to be as anxious!

Still early days for me, I'm going to give it at least 2 months when I get to 150mg to see if it works for me or not.

Please let me know how you get on

31-10-12, 21:39
that sounds poss ..Let me know how u get on...Im just in the process of upping mine so will be posting my findings..

03-11-12, 09:33
Good luck with your increases Greg and Bernie, I've gone up to 100mg's now but I'm still having terrible night time anxiety attacks and not sleeping all that great at all anymore. Traz is meant to be for anxiety isn't it and I read some stats somewhere that it is 69% effective for treating it but you have to go on much much higher strengths for it to really help depression all depending on the person I guess :)
I can't wait to get on 150mg's though as I am so fed up of feeling so anxious. Thankfully I don't get the depression very often but when I do, it's horrible.
I asked my doctor about a drug called Pregabalin last night which people say is a miracle drug on this forum as it's not an SSRI or a benzo, it's a drug mainly used for epilespy so keps the brain calm I guess and is also used for GAD. You have to take it up to 3 times a day though as it has a short life but alot of people felt their anxiety levels drop loads by the second day of use BUt my doctor said it's not often prescribed for GAD and it's not got a good effectiveness rate so I dunno????? I also read it is really expensive though so maybe that's what he really meant, ha ha! I'm changing to my new doctors this wednesday so I shall ask again there as so far Trazodone isn't really helping at all, I've only been on it 3 weeks and the dose isn;t strong enough I suppose ):

03-11-12, 15:07
Karen hold in there for a bit longer and give the traz a bit more time to see if it will work for you...Sad you are having such a bad time in life with everything going on But you need to try and be a bit more possitive about things and try not to read other story,s about to many other drugs that may or may not work for you because it will take away your trust in the ones you are on...You need to believe they can work for you but you need to give it more time....Iv been on traz now for a good 70 days and over the last few days have upped mine from 50mg to 75mg and plan to get upto 150 in the next couple of weeks...im doing it slowly because it gives your body time to accept the new amount over a slower time rather than just going straight up at once and getting hightend anxiety ....once on this higher amoiunt you need to give it a FEW WEEKS not days, to get into your system to work...if after that time it hasnt worked for you, then talk to your gp again.....its all a pain changing to something different again and again but thats why you need to give it a proper chance to work....I have just started to take anti histamines ( Piritin ) one at night about 20 min before bed....the doc said these would be fine to take with the traz.....I have had them for two nights on the trot ....and i have slept till 6,30 am they have a sedetive in them so they aid you to sleep......give them a try and stay with your traz as i will and see what you feel like when you are on the correct dose for a few weeks....take your traz up in small amounts .....take your norm 50mg and half the other one for 3 nights then go back to 50mg for one night then back up to 75mg for 3 nights and if you feel stable do the same with the next 25mg and so on untill you reach the 150 mg...then give that 3 weeks,,,,,,i also suffer with sensitive reactions to any medication just like you it makes my anxiety go high and i hate it,,,BUT doing it as i say above .....Iv had only very very slight raise so am happy and confident to continue...Karen do not investigate other medications as it will knock your trust in the ones you are on...you have to commit and have belief they will work.....stay focused .....pm me anytime for any support or advice....I always have my phone with me and check nomore panic through my day and uptill bedtime...take care for now...and remember Karen you are not alone....

03-11-12, 15:28
Some good advice given there Greg. Touchwood I've not had any bad side effects. Currently on 100mg and going to up to 150mg in a couple of weeks. Easiest anti depressant to start on by a long shot for me after the nightmares I had with Citalopram, venlafaxine & duloxetine.

04-11-12, 17:06
Thanks Greg, I upped to 100mg's a few days ago but went sky high with anxiety so have gone back down to 50mg's but am still getting night time panic attacks so think I will just half my pills and go up as slowly as poss.
I have been on Citalopram 3 times in the past Bernie and hated the start up but had a good doctor who supported me with Lorazepam to get me through the terrible anxiety I had. My doctors here had me off Diazepam as soon as I went on it so I couldn't go back on the Cit and also tried Venlafaxine but it made me so sick and again I had terrible heightened anxiety.

04-11-12, 17:13
I had bad anxiety for over a month with venlafaxine and citalopram but I had continuous gastric problems and stopped them for that reason.

I would see if your Doctor will give you a short supply of Diazepam to cope with the increase. Ask again you have nothing to lose.