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05-11-12, 21:28
Been Taking Duloxetine for the last 7 days now, just wondering how long the side effects will last, my doctors said it will take about 4 weeks for them to take effect but just wondering if thats how long the side effects will last or am I expected to make them long term? (know everyone is different) My side effects are as follows:

Major headaches when I wake up
Loss of appetite
Gritting my teeth my trying to sleep
Feeling Cold
First Day I felt, for a use of a better word "doped up"
Second Day I felt like I was about to have a major panic attack, heartbeat felt so strong and kept gasping for air.
Seventh day my chest felt really tight
Can not sleep (not that I did well before but now cant take my sleeping tablets as i'm on Duloxetine)

Any advise from fellow Duloxetine uses would be great

Skyla x

fozzy is crying
05-11-12, 21:32
Different people will react different ways to any medication. Side effects are something you should only discuss with your Doctor if they are a problem to you. You should not delay seeing your GP if you are having serious side effects.

Out of surgery hours if needed ring your GP's out of hours service or NHS direct.

I hope this helps



27-11-12, 11:13
certain side effects can last the entire duration of your time on them, depends on how sensitive you are to the chemicals and wether the feeling of being on them is better then being off them :)