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10-11-12, 17:21

So I've has derealisation for about 5 weeks now, gradually starting to get better, but the last day or so I have felt it quite badly.
Ill be sitting minding my own business watching tv or reading and all of a sudden I'll feel anxtious and its hard to explain, but it feels like everything around me is different, weird and scary. The more I think about it the more scary it seems and it feels like all of a sudden I am going to freak out and go crazy, lose my mind and end up alone, out of my mind and terrified.
I am trying so hard to accept it and ignore but its so hard, I have this know of fear in my chest. Why am I so scared of thoughts? Because that's all they are just thoughts, its ridiculous!! I'm a logical person in my normal life when I'm feeling normal but when I feel like this I find it so hard to be logical!!
What can I do, what will get rid of these thoughts? Will I be like this for ever or will I end up confused, scared and crazy for ever?
Its the worst feeling in the world so scary!!
Does anyone else have this? And what do you do to stay calm?
Hannah x x

10-11-12, 17:31
sorry to hear your feling bad ,,i think the main thing is to keep your brain busy maybe go for walks ,listen to music u like... it is a bad affect but it will pass xxxxxx

10-11-12, 17:34
Hi Hannah,
i get this feeling too its awful and scares the crap out of me .
your not crazy or going crazy , it just means your minds tired. im struggling myself to know what too do.
anyway if you want to talk im here
kirsten xx

10-11-12, 17:49
Thank you Gypsywomen and Kirsten I really asppreciate your replies. It is good to hear from people who know what I'm talking about, although I wish none of us had to feel like this.
I'm trying to stay relaxed but its so hard, on the other hand I keep thinking well how bad would it be if I did freak out, it would just be a panic attack nothing more, nothing will hurt me! But its just the thought of having one and what I'll feel like after, because my last panic attack lasted for 10 mins but the thoughts lasted for days and days afterwards!!
Thanks again
Hannah X x

10-11-12, 23:23
Hi, derealisation is a defence mechanism. Derealisation is meant to protect you. So there is nothing to fear. It won't hurt you, because it is not designed to hurt you.

Derealisation can be triggered by prolonged anxiety or depression. Your subconscious takes a step away from the stress in order to protect you and give your subconscious time to heal. It's an overload prevention measure.

It can also be triggered by illness and some types medication. In these cases, the defence system has been activated "by accident".

Derealisation wears off in time. Don't fear it, you are fearing your own defence mechanism, which just creates more fear and stress for no reason at all.