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13-11-12, 17:13
Hello everyone,

I have been told I have a blighted ovum and I will miscarry. I have 3 weeks to try and naturally miscarry as this is the route I would prefer but after that I will need to have either the pill or a D and C.

I would like to hear from anyone who has had the pill to help miscarry as this is my preferred route after trying to naturally miscarry.

I been reading horror stories of people almost bleeding to death.

Any ones experience of having the pill form would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you very much


14-11-12, 22:46
I have no experience of this but just wanted to send you hugs soyou knew someone had read your post. I was supposed to have these pills a few years ago but didn't in the end. I hope it all goes ok. Lxx

15-11-12, 08:23
Thank you very much for your message I really appreciate it xx

15-11-12, 21:41
Hi just wanted to say really sorry and I have had 3 miscarriages and I had to have medical management twice I had the tablets, the first time I had the tablets it worked straight forward second not so straight forward and they had to help a bit but please don't worry to much I no easier said than done please pm me if I can help anymore no what you are going through,just want to add I have had 2 healthy pregnancies as well,take care. Toria x

05-12-12, 19:07
Hey, I have miscarried naturally twice within the last two years so here is my opinion:
First miscarriage began to happen naturally before I even knew I was pregnant, so I had no choice. It took about 4-5 days for the bleeding to begin after the cramps (which were like really bad period pains, but came and went) the bleeding itself started like a period for a few days, then tailed off and I thought that was it.
Two days later, I had agonising cramps which I had to get strong painkillers for and I had a severe bleed - I had to stay on the toilet for about 2-3 hours, and filled a pad every hour for the rest of the day. The pain at this point was really severe, I guess that prior to this I had been passing blood only, and this was the passing of tissue.
The pain and bleeding were pretty bad, so I would advise you to speak to a pharmacist and get some over-the-counter medication - paracetomol won't cut it! I used naproxen for my first and it was much better.
With my second, when I found out I was going to miscarry I was worried about the pain, I was offered a D&C, medical management (tablets) or to wait and see if it happened naturally. My baby had passed away a week before I found out, so they gave me a week for it to happen naturally before they booked me in for a D&C - I decided to go for medical management as I really didn't want a D&C - because of my health anxiety they ran over exactly what happens during medical management -
Basically, you take a pill at hospital to stop the pregnancy progressing - 20% of people miscarry after this alone. If you are in the other 80%, they will bring you back in the next day and you will be booked into a day room - I was in one for a look, they are basically what you would expect, bed, tv, ensuite with shower etc - well they are at my hospital anyway. You can bring someone with you to stay all day and you bring your own food as they only give you toast and tea. They insert pills into your vagina to start contractions and repeat this every two hours, they scan you to check all the tissue has passed. If it has not all passed, they send you home and bring you back in the next day.
They were very accommodating and even allowed me to be booked in for a Saturday so my boyfriend could be with me!
I began to miscarry naturally before my appointment and again, it was very painful and I bled a lot, HOWEVER I am soooo glad I was able to miscarry in the comfort of my own home without people intruding on me constantly!

I would strongly recommend that you get dome co-codamol or naproxen from your pharmacist, a hot water bottle and large sanitary towels in case your body begins to miscarry naturally. It is best to have them ready as both times, mines have progressed quite quickly and I really couldn't have gone out to get them myself. That said, it was not totally unbearable and I have a very low pain threshold!
Sorry that you are going through this =[ xxx

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