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14-11-12, 18:05
Hi guys and girls
I have increased my meds from 50mg to 100mg and have found im waking even more in the night,,,Is this normal...Also I just have this dull feeling all the time like no emotions at all...My increase has been for 3 days so far...Can you take these meds in the day..
Any advice would be great to receive Please

14-11-12, 20:07
Hi sorry you have had three posts and no replies.

I will do my best i have not been on this drug but i would say it operates much like the others you have to give your body time to get used to the increase i have to when my Citalopram is upped.

I would give it another couple of weeks and then go back to your GP and ask about taking at a different time of day,or phone the surgery up and i am sure somebody will get back and let you know.

All the best.


14-11-12, 21:32
thanks Richard ...for your reply..

15-11-12, 12:14
Hi Greg,

As you know I'm on Trazodone. I've been on 100mg for 2weeks now. I'm tired all the time. I wake up so groggy and sit like a zombie for ages with no motivation in me to do anything, I'm hoping this will pass as I don't see what other medication options I have as SSRI's/SNRI's don't agree with me at all.

Now you said you keep waking up that is strange as I'm out like a light. I would say to take your medication when you are actually in bed and read for 10/15 minutes then settle down to sleep as if you don't rest after taking the meds your body may fight off the sedative effect.

My Doctor wants me up to 150 mg has your Doctor set a dosage for you?

17-11-12, 11:44
Hi Bernie..Not sure why I wake after 100mg at night...I fall to sleep no prob , But just wake at silly times..Anyway my Doc told me to try having 50mg at bed time and 50mg in the morning..I have done this for 2 days now ,,,! and slept till 6am just like I used to..So I take the other 50mg at 8am and do feel tired about 9am for about 1hr then it passes abd I feel fine..I think the slight sedetive effect keeps me relaxed more in the day...So far so good...I will soon take 50mg bed time 59mg around 12pm then again 50mg bedtime. so that will be a even flow of 150mg in a day....see how that goes...I felt bad the next day after a 100mg for days ,groggy zombie very heavy all day..As soon as i switched to 50mg at night and 50 in the day...I feel a lot lighter and relaxed..

28-11-12, 11:14
Really glad you are feeling much better by dividing your dose Greg. I actually came off Trazodone 3 weeks ago when I MOVED house and swapped doctors, who asked me how I felt the TRAZ was helping, I didn't feel it was at all and was no longer sleeping at all so switched yet again to Escitalopram which I was terrfied about with it being an SSRI and related to citalopram which I was on 3 times previously but suffered terrible side effects before getting well on it but it's been 7 months and I needed to get better so decided to take the Escitalopram and it's been fine. It hardly has any side effects and I am alot calmer after only 3 weeks though still suffering with bad insomnia but at least feel likethis medication is finally doing something to help me finally get well again (:
I really hope Trazodone works for you. xxxx

oh no_1
28-11-12, 11:17
i been to pick up these meds today.... they started me on 100mg!
aint started taking them yet.... too anxious about it....

28-11-12, 11:22
Bernie sorry to hear you are feeling so groggy on your new dose of traz, hopefully this should pass for you. I was only ever on 100mg's and it never helped my anxiety but believe150mg's is the theraputic dose xxx
If you do have to change meds, escitalopram has so few side effects, I had bad heads for a few days, they are getting much better now, some hot flushing but no hieghtened anxiety but you do feel petty tired alot and for me insomnia is stilla problem but my doctor says this will improve very soon and is prescribing me with either Zopiclone or Lorazepam at the mo but I have felt so so much better day times and been out lots and lots of times which I was afraid to do 3 weeks ago (:

28-11-12, 16:01
Bernie that sounds great...Really glad you seem happy...Just be very careful with Zopiclone...Not a good tablet...O had them for 3 weeks and I slept like a baby for the first week, then i had to increase to get the same effect in week two...They make you feel very uplifted in the day and so become very addictive...At week three I was waking around 2-3 am every day and so had to increase more...Then I started to get a kind of head buz at night as i was dropping off,like a electric pulse in my head...Really horid ...I was just eaking all night and couldnot get back to sleep...I started to come off them and had rebound insomnia ,,Worse than ever,O couldnt sleep for 2 months !!!! I felt very anxious at this point ....I since found out that Zopiclone are the Worse Sleeping tablets you can have....Read up on them on google and you will see....I am now a few months after them STILL trying to sleep....they made it much worse and I wish I never got onto them..They are fine If you JUST have 1!!!!!! maybe once a week to get relief from insomnia...Just once. If you start getting dependant on them you will wish you never did....Research and google the facts.. .

06-12-12, 12:43
Hi Greg, Bernie, I was just wondering how you are both doing? I've been on Cipralex 30 days now at the lowest dose and need to increase now, had a few side effects but nothing like you normally get on ssri's. My anxiety is still there but has clamed down loads too now already, I am taking 2 Lorazepam pills a night though or the Zopiclone alternative weeks now which works better as you don't end up building a tolerance to it. Just want off sedatives now though and for this new ad to kick in properly. I really hope Trazodone is starting to help you both now you are on the higher doses, when I took 100mg's it didn't really help me at all sadly and my new doctor wanted me straight off it and onto an ssri, telling me because I am so sensitive to side effects tat Cipralex is the best one out there for tolerability. Thinking of you both xxx

mr benn
24-09-14, 13:25
Ive been on trazadone for about 4 months. I don't feel that my anxiety has dropped despite going from 75 upto 175mg mow
I do sleep okay so was intriged by the use of a very small dose in the morning
Has anybody else done that
I will mention to my doctor tomorrow
I tried some other anti depressants but struggled with the side effects

24-09-14, 13:44
my anxiety has not decreaced since being on traz.not sure my depression has iver..but does help with my sleep.im on 200 mg at night

mr benn
24-09-14, 20:45
As my anxiety is so high, just thinking about changing tablets is not good. Im on such high alert for any side effects - yet I know thats the worse way to be.

I guess I wont know how much effect the Trazadone have really been making unless I come off them - maybe I would be worse without them , but the bottom line is my body feels so anxious a lot of theime , let alone my mind constantly thinking about how I feel.
I feel like I hardly relax becase it feels like adrenalin is running thru my body a lot of the day.
If i could get to relax my body, then Im sure my anxiety would drop. I was on Diazapam for 2 weeks and it was so much better , but I knowthey are just for short term fixes.

26-09-14, 21:02
Im the same mate.allways checking out my moods and feelings all bloody day long,i hate it,never relaxed or calm,wish i could be the old me

mr benn
12-10-14, 21:46
When I mentioned taking one sml doage of trazadone in the morning my doc initially said no, but later said just try it.
The lgic being try it a weekend morning when not at work to see how i go. I guess I could also try a 50mg about 7pm , so could see how I am , and then if it makes me drowsy not an issue.

I have an appt with the psychriatric team again in 2 weeks , mainly to discuss my medication as its not helping my anxiety. Im on 15pmg Traz.

Anybody else took Trazadone in the mornings ?

12-10-14, 22:12
Hi benn.i tried 50mg am time before,but made me very tired.trazadone is a old drug to treet depression,its main use nowdays is for insomnia sufferers,i was put on this for my insomnia which has worked great.i take 200mg at night and dont feel it helps my anxiety or depression.

13-10-14, 10:28
Berni this is quiet a old post since i posted it.im on 200mg nowdays and have been for quiet a long time now,im not waking in the night anymore and find im sleeping much better.i dont feel there helping me with my depression or anxiety,just with my sleeping..i felt groggy for weeks the next morning but that has now passed,i wake feeling like iv had enough sleep but find it hard some days to get out of bed,but this is my deppresion holding me back.hows everyone eles doing on traz

mr benn
18-10-14, 11:43
I think they prescribed me Traz because of the lack of side effects it normally has. The problem is its not helping me with me Anxiety , or feelings of tension / nervousness/ giddy that I seem to have most of the day.
I will see what the psychiatric team say in a week or so. I need something to help me pull out of this as my life is a mess right now. I cant even walk 5 mins most days without my legs feeling mega tense, or feeling wobbly. I know its probably not helping, but I am convinced its not just anxiety , but doc is struggling to diagnose what it is. If I could get some tablets to at least help me relax then I would know if it is my Anxiety or not. I realise I may have to face a couple of weeks of side effects depending on what they subscribe. But that's easier said right now ...

18-10-14, 13:16
Ben,trazadone is an old anti depressant and not wildly used nowdsys,its main use is for insomnia which is what i was given it for,since iv been on it now for months,its not helped at all with my depression or anxiety,there are so many out there now,that is could take months or even years to find one that works,they take at least 3 good months to take efect and of course there are the side effects,i cant deal with that.iv tried others but always suffered bad side effects thst never seemed to go.so for me im stuck,but for you try other meds and give them a chance to work,