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14-11-12, 20:01

14-11-12, 20:07
Hi..Just to let you know someone is here :) I saw your posts but I am sorry I can't really be any help because I have never taken Trazodone and it could be why others have not replied.

14-11-12, 21:31
lol...but this is the Trazadone forum...plenty of peps in hear posting...so not sure whats going down

14-11-12, 21:33
I don't go on specific forums, I just have it so I can see all the new posts..I hope you have got some help and answers by now :)

14-11-12, 21:53
Looking at the forum there aren't that many people on this medication to be honest.

I can't comment as I know nothing about it sorry.

15-11-12, 09:50
thanks anyway..

15-11-12, 10:03
Hey gregcool, I was put on proPanolol????? Never took it I know it's different from yours but still...... I think meds can make you worse! That's just my opinion and because I have panic attacks where my breathings affected, it's like no way, not risking , I know that's irrational BUT still can't do with additional symptoms, can't deal with that! I thought I'd air my views and also, I think NMP needs to shake this site up a bit! I started with panic attacks for the very last time ~ in my life last year 2011 & I remember a lot more interaction with other sufferers , someone would always respond & now you can post a reply to several threads and nothing much OR nothing at all????? I know NMP can't physically make people respond BUT the whole purpose of a forum is, to get people talking - not much of that going on here! Unless chat rooms the way to go? I've got an iPad & can't access it on this site! Sure there's a way round this but, im happy to forum, but if no ones replying , what's the point :wall: sorry for rant

15-11-12, 12:58
I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you. I've just logged on and found 55 new posts since my last visit, only 3 of which have had no replies. This strikes me as a sign of an active forum community.

If your posts have had no or few replies, please consider that there may be genuine reasons rather than there being fault somewhere. For example:
Have you left the post long enough to give people chance to reply, especially if you have posted at an 'out of hours' time?
Have you posted about something that people might have little experience of? For instance, I very rarely post in any of the medication forums as I have chosen not to take that route in my own recovery.
Have you posted about something that might make others feel uncomfortable, or anxious themselves? Remember that most users here are also suffering some sort of mental illness, and so may not feel up to responding to certain posts, or at certain times.
Have you made an effort to involve yourself in offering advice or support to others? Building and joining a community is a two-way process.
Have you considered that some users have much to occupy them outside of NMP, and may spend little time daily on the forum? With 55 new posts in only a few hours, if you can only dedicate a short time to the forum because of work, family, ill health etc, you may have to cherry pick which posts you respond to.

I'm not in any way pointing the finger at anyone, either who has or has not posted on this thread, but suggest that patience and understanding never go amiss, in any walk of life.

15-11-12, 13:26

I think you have confused yourself by starting a second thread on the same topic and you have actually had two replies on your original thread.

Your anti depressant is also known as Deprax and is a SARI as opposed to a SSRI (like Prozac) they are very similar but slightly different compound.

SSRI medication doesn't agree with me and I was prescribed Deprax taken initially as half a 100 Mg a night for a week and then a full tablet starting the second week. Unfortunately, I suffered the same side effects as on Prozac, so my GP told me to stop them, but that doesn't mean that they won't work for you, ,give it 6 weeks. Hope that helps.

17-11-12, 11:52
Guys I wasnt being rude or ungreatfull in anyway, It was more the fact I posted on a specific forum and after a couple of days it said ...read by 30 but no replys , so I just wondered why people read my post title and then the post itself , but had no reply after reading my post......anyway thanks for your responce guys I will give it more time..