View Full Version : not sure if amitriptyline has stopped working :(

15-11-12, 18:18
hi ive been on amitriptyline for 12 weeks ish started at 10mg now on 25 mg for tension headaches/anxiety up untill a week ago life has been great hardly any anxiety at all and maybe a couple of headaches for a day or 2 but this last week ive had headache and dizzy spells everyday ? i went to doctors yesterday and she has said go up to 30mg but no more she dosent want me to be on any higher than that and ideally she wanted me to stay at 25mg ..... im just worried that they have stopped working im loving life at the moment going out working looking forward to christmas and now im begining to feel im gonna go back to how i was before bed early never going out having time of work etc the headaches are so bad panadol advance helps and takes the edge of but i can feel all the anxiety coming back i dont want them to have stopped working :( has anyone else found they stopped working after a short time i was all set to stay on them at 25mg for as long as needed x

17-11-12, 19:41
things getting worse looks like im back to square one headaches are deffinately back today i havent been able to get out of bed my head was so bad i havent felt like this for months ive been on 30mg for 3 days now so fingers crossed they will work :(