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22-11-12, 18:16
Hi guys any one out there with panic attacks or anxiety who, has ever been petrified that they might be pregnant???? What to do, how you felt!! My own fault, just worried if I am , I've just managed to get a grip of crippling anxiety & panic attacks, just don't know what to do? Dearnt take the emergency after pill, I know what some might think, if ur that worried you'd take it BUT phobia of pills and their symptoms! Coil , worried might get toxic shock??

Just want to know if any of u have been through this & how u felt????


22-11-12, 18:32
I guess you have to ask yourself do you want to take the risk of being pregnant or not?

If the answer is a definite no then you have to do something about it now and sooner rather than later.

If the answer is that you don't mind then I guess you have to wait and see.

22-11-12, 18:46
Thanks Nicola, why oh why, has this happend, I'm soo stupid!

Great advice to put it in simple terms , thanks X

22-11-12, 19:32
Sorry I wasn't much more help lol

22-11-12, 20:45
Have you had any symptoms? Try a pregnancy test if you really did get more worried :) x

03-01-13, 21:17
My baby is 9 months old now but I have terrible anxiety every month panicking that i'll get pregnant again (even though I am on the pill and most times I make my hubby wear something as well just in case) I had such a bad time with my little one and it's not been easy after the birth either and I think I'm now paranoid about ever becoming pregnant again. I know it's a slightly different situation but can definitely relate to feeling petrified at the thought of being pregnant and think I always will be unless I decide I want to be again (No time soon!!) x

03-01-13, 22:22
I think the only side effect of the emergency pill is sickness/nausea for a day but I think you may be able to get something to stop that if you see your GP.