View Full Version : mixing medictaion and pregnancy

worried 101
25-11-12, 21:32
hi there guys.
my partner and I have been talking about starting a family, but the things that we have wondered is about the safety of being on medication and the risk to the baby?
I'm on 40mg of citalopram and i take it daily...we have done some research and it is quite mixed, some people think its important to remain on the drug for the saftey of the mother and child but others say that are some risks and may develop problems after birth.
Wondered if anyone else has any experiences or advice on the matter as would be good to get some feedback!
We will also talk to our GP to discuss but would be good to get some first hand experiences!
thanks guys

27-01-13, 15:19
Hi, are you pregnant already? Did you continue taking citalopram?
I'm having huge panic attacks during my pregnancy, I was taking cipralex and I stop when I was 2 month. Now I'm thinking maybe to start taking again.

little scientist
15-03-13, 16:42
Hi Worried,

This was something I brought up with my GP when I last saw her and she was very helpful and encouraging.

I want to start a family in the next few years, but have been advised that I will be on citalopram for life basically. I also expressed my strong desire to breast feed if possible.

My GP's advice was that in the event of planning a pregnancy we would aim to switch my medication to one that is approved for use during pregnancy (citalopram can be taken during pregnancy I understand, but little is know about its effects hence reluctance to allow pregnant women to be on it or breastfeed with it).

I think its important to think about it before you get pregnant, it gives you time to put a plan together :)