View Full Version : seroxat and multi-vitamins

19-08-06, 21:02
This may sounds like an odd question.... but I'm so paranoid about side effects I need some advice.

I heard that b vitamins, magnesium and calcium can help with some of the anxiety symptoms, but have just increased to 20mg seroxat. Does anyone know if multivitamins with minerals are ok with that?

I want to start taking them but am too worried in case I get side effects, which as we all know could well start off anxiety symptoms and make me feel like I have side effects. Help! :)


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polly daydream
19-08-06, 23:50
Hi, best thing to do will be to go into your nearest chemist and ask the pharmacist just to be on the safe side.

Take care,


25-08-06, 22:30
Thanks polly.

I got brave and drove into town. It was 20 minute drive and I went to bank as well as chemist so I'm really pleased with myself!

I asked pharmacist and she said its fine to take multi vits & minerals with seroxat. Just got to remember to take them now lol.