View Full Version : So I may be having an Endoscopy in the future.

26-11-12, 17:50
Since I'm the most anxious and wimpy person in the whole world I doubt I'd get through it. My Dad had one done a few years ago, and says it was a horrible experience. I'm sort of put off by it now.

If I do have one in the far future, which is more likely the case, then does anyone have some advice for a chicken like me? :whistles:

Also, what is the sedation like? Do you recommend having it or without it?

26-11-12, 17:55
I have not got any advice as I am waiting for endoscopy as well. I am having the sedation 100% as I am worried about having a panic attack and trying to pull the tube/camera out. Am very worried though. Have you got your date?

26-11-12, 17:58
I Had an endoscopy and was sedated for it, I can vaguely remember being asked to follow certain instructions but felt no pain at all. I hate hospitals in general but it was not a horrible or frightening experience at all and I hardly knew anything about it until I woke up on the ward with a cup of tea. Hope this reassures you.

26-11-12, 18:07
Forgive me, but If you're not booked in for one, and only think that you might have to have one in the "far future", is there much sense in worrying about it now? Especially when anxiety gives us so much other stuff to worry about. I mean, I could win the lottery in the far future, but I'm certainly not going to go out now and start booking foreign holidays or putting deposits on big houses just in case :)

26-11-12, 18:26
sorry did not read your post correctly thought you were already booked in for one. Like elle - kay said I would not worry about it just yet, If you are not sure whether you need one or not. :flowers:

26-11-12, 22:56
Erm yes. I'm almost certain I will be having one in the future. I just wanted to know what it's like.

27-11-12, 08:53
I had one without sedation or anaesthetic. Its not the most pleasant thing, but isn't that bad, and is over fairly quickly.

27-11-12, 15:03
I've had one done & before I went in people were telling me the most awful stories and I was in a complete state when I got there but I still managed to have it done with just the throat spray and it really wasnt as bad as people had made out.

Believe me I have to be the most anxious person in the world if I could do it can anyone:)