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oh no_1
26-11-12, 22:08
i got to go on this.... got to go pick it up 2morro.... 100mg.....
aint bene on any meds for 9 months...... not sure wana do this or that i can.... havent even explained ot them.... took all my energy to ring...

soooo scared

hyper highs and extreme depressive lows.
no sleep
constant headaches

27-11-12, 16:52
Well done for taking the first step. It's a horrible scary moment, but you've done it.

I'm of the opposite school, in that I'll take any medication if it stops the thoughts in my head, so I may not be the best person to displace your anxiety.

Trazodone will certainly help with the sleep. I also found it stablised my mood out, I was taking mitazpine before and I was all over the shop.

Take it for a couple of weeks-4 weeks, unless you get severe side effects. Give it a chance to work. There are plenty of other meds out there that may help if this one is not effective.

Good luck.